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thepoemhavenI'm Anna & My tumblr is myth-ad
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Change can be good.Change can be powerful.Change can be necessary


by thepoemhaven aka A.D.

Change can be good.Change can be powerful.Change can be necessary.People don't always like change,but sometimes change can benefit them.

Change can be good because that means someone's voice was not just heard but listened to.

Change can be powerful because it causes a group of people who personality wise are polar opposites but they believe in the same cause and together they are working for it.

Change can be necessary because when someone is abusing their power over others.People band together to get rid of that tyrant instead of letting that person continue their wicked ways.

When society is screaming at you to do what they're doing and you know it's wrong.Stand tall and say No I refuse to be a pawn in your game. We are society and one voice can be the good change.

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