18 things I learned when I turned 18:
18 things I learned when I turned 18: journey stories
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Wrote this on my 18th birthday. Silently crying, silently growing.

18 things I learned when I turned 18:

1. People will make you feel like you are their sun, and then show you that you were nothing but a fireplace to keep them warm for a night when they needed it. It will hurt. It will be confusing. It will be fine.

2. Expectations are the true killers of happiness. Nothing will ever go the way you expect. Be okay with that.

3. Ask. Always ask for the things that you want. It is up to you to create your own happiness, you can’t wait for other people to give you what you want. Enable yourself to be the cause of your own contentment.

4. There will be nights where you look at who you are in the mirror and cannot recognise the person staring back at you. That is normal. Change is normal.

5. Speaking of change, learn to love it. Learn to throw yourself into every situation you find yourself in. You will love yourself for it.

6. Boys will flirt with you, and then stop. You will think you’ve gotten over it, and then they will come back to flirt with you again. You will feel like a toy; always remember that you are so much more.

7. Sometimes you will go back to people who have hurt you just because they are the only ones there at the time. Don’t feel like you’ve betrayed yourself for that. It’s okay to need people, and to reach out to anyone who will listen.

8. It’s one thing to be social, but when it hits you that you’re only drinking to ease the mess in your mind, stop. Re-evaluate who it is you want to be.

9. You will have to work hard, and when you think you cannot, you will have to work harder still. Always remember why you are doing this.

10. Some days, there will be nothing better than facetime calls with your friends. Don’t underestimate the warmth that old friends can provide. They know your history, and they can help heal you better. Hold on to them.

11. Embrace what’s given to you. Play the hell out of the cards you have right now, and stop worrying about the ones you were not dealt. That won’t get you anywhere.

12. The best things will always happen when you least think they will. Don’t wait, don’t wish, don’t hope. Live, and be at peace with the idea that things will happen when they do.

13. Sometimes, it will be the strangers and the acquaintances that will soothe your soul more than your friends and your family. Understand the strength of peripheral relationships. Make changes if you need to.

14. “Have I done this all wrong?” You will think, say and scream this often. Know that most of the time, you haven’t. And if you have, don’t let go until you’ve fixed it.

15. Too much of anything is a bad thing. Your parents have told you this since you were born 18 years ago today. Stop brushing it off, apply it to your life, and watch what it does.

16. On days where you wish you were stronger, realise that your softness has given you more than not caring ever has.

17. Reminisce. Create experiences to reminisce about. Find the memories that make your heart glow at 4am when you sit at a desk studying, tired with the world. Those will be the things that you hold on to, to remember that things were good, and will be good again.

18. Things will seem crazy, and you will jump from extreme to extreme until your world is a spinning mess. Breathe, rest, and strive towards balance. It will bring you harmony in ways you never imagined.

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