My thoughts on a few questions I have been asked recently.
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thekingbaccaSouthern Gentleman
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My thoughts on a few questions I have been asked recently.

by thekingbacca

Ok so y'all might not know who I am but my name is Ethan. I am a dying breed. A southern gentleman. And I had to rant about a few things I've been asked recently.

So each one of these pages will have the following format: Q: The question or problem I have been asked A: My response to the question or problem

Q: What would happen if someone hurt a person you care for? A: I honestly am afraid of my own strength when it comes to those I care about. I would probably do things that would haunt me forever.

Q: Do you want kids? If yes, why? A: God yes. I want to be able to teach my kids the things my parents taught me and their parents taught them.

Q: What is your most embarassing memory? A: A marching band competition my first year in band and a piece of my instrument popped off. Not knowing any better, I picked it up in front of everyone.

Q: Biggest fear? A: I know it's cheesy but something happening to my girlfriend and spiders (she and I are both terrified of spiders)

And that was my rant so if you have any ideas for me to write about just send me a message and I'll do my best.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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These are interesting questions. Yes you are from a dying breed. I will take you up on your challenge. My old hands are stiff and arthritic from punching so many people in defense of people I considered under my protection (in my mind anyway). I loved this post. Great job!!!!