Broken wrong stories

thegreatusagi broken into thinking he’s ok
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A broken hearted believing he’s ok.


I should’ve known better

I thought everything was right as rain

Happiness was a warm gun

to which I have been burned before

If your love was just a dream then

Please DONT let it be over

so please DONT wake me up

It’s hard enough to face the world alone

I knew you were the one I would fight for

But you left me there to swim alone

I feared to drown in a dark cold ocean and afraid to be loved like your last

So why talk?

Its overrated right?

Isnt it better to just leave and disappear

Why not?

It’s what you did

Perhaps lie to yourself and fuckup the mind

Making yourself believe things are ok

It’s what I was put through

GOOD BLESS your soul

It’s hard enough to face the world alone

Thought i’d get to see the world like all of them

but you never heard what I was sayin’

I’ve asked for help way too often

Ashamed to admit my weakness

and afraid to be seen considered weak

but I knew it along,

that you’d be the one i’d be fighting for

Yeah it’s hard to face the world alone

So I walk around ɞяօkⅇƞ

getting it wrong all over again.

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