What do I want to be?
What do I want to be? myself stories
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Short thought-provoking story on one of life's biggest troubles growing up in a modern society.

What do I want to be?

Something happened today that made me come to a sudden realization.

It was around 8 at night,

I was washing my dishes but while I was washing them I was watching the water rush down the drain and it was making me think back throughout the day and gave me a massive woah shiver.

Earlier today I was doing my walks through the sheds like every other normal day on the chicken farm thinking of what I want to be when I grow up and how to get there.

It's a question I've never been able to answer.

I had started reading and listening to some podcasts from AOM (Art of manliness),

I'm not much of a podcast person nor a reader but after being urged to check it out I finally did on my smoko for some self improvement.

Now these articles from AOM didn't just improve me like bam! But it did inspire me to better myself and to become more confident with myself.

Anyway, just as I was getting ready to drive the tractor the petrol delivery I was waiting for arrived.

I'm more of an introvert than anything so my mind was just fluttering full of things to do away from the human driving.

That's when I thought I'd try it different, I went up to him, greeted and introduced myself, all the usual stuff.

We started making conversation and we ended up asking how long we've done our current jobs and other jobs to which it turns out he's been truck driving his whole life, the same job no change.

It really made me think about how many people stick with the same old thing their whole life, someone like me needs a lot of change in their life,

I always need to learn or I get bored and unproductive.

The day kept on going and here I was washing dishes at 8 pm in the unit on the farm reflecting on my day trying to answer the big question of "what do I want to be when I grow up".

I watched the water flow down the drain and Bam went the shiver, for the first time in my life I had realized, I don't want to be anything, I want to be everything from a farmer to a scientist.

I want to learn until I can't learn anymore, I want to stay interested. That's what I want to be. That's the dream me.

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