Speaking of White Genocide
Speaking of White Genocide trump stories

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In the spring of 1945 the allied forces found them, Thousands of Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and romanians,

Speaking of White Genocide

In the spring of 1945 the allied forces found them,

Thousands of Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and romanians,

Starved, beaten, unrecognizable as human,

With Millions before them gassed, prohibited from breathing.

Thrown in to ovens.

Their humanity already scorched.

Their dignity already torched.

Their personhood pawned for a system

That fault the world in the thought that the world would be better off without them.

And the holocaust was the logical conclusion

Of centuries of how the European had behaved until then.

Shakespeare spoke of the treatment of Jews and the Moors right before when

Those ships with decks that kept Africans beneath them

Sailed from Africa to America to Britain to the Caribbean —

The slaves had their langauges stolen they were robbed of their being,

And murdered for fleeing,

Nat Turner did nothing wrong — ask what you would do if you were forced to be him.

And for years we all falsely pretended

That this all ceased when slavery finally ended.


Twelve million Africans were then killed by the Dutch,

It doesn’t take much just to look that up

But it remains one of the world’s best kept secrets,

That these African men, women and children

Were murdered by King Leopold because he thought them too subhuman,

Backwards and ape like, so reasoned it was better to just not feed them and (or) kill them —

Like how Churchill viewed the colonized Indian.

How Columbus viewed the Native American,

How black men are viewed by white police men,

Why Malcolm’s militancy was a rhyme to a reason,

Why when the Nation of Islam rose, people believed them,

Why some Jews see slight on Israel as moralist treason,

Why for black men the only way out is as a sportsman or musician.

I admit — I’m white, so at first I was alien to how Kaepernick was feeling.

I admit — I’m straight so when gays told me their feelings, I didn’t believe them.

I admit — I’m poor, so when the right wing said they’ll being back jobs, I found it relieving,

I admit I’m ashamed of it, but I took that me, educated and killed him.

Talk about white genocide and cultural suicide

But it’s just a Nazi’s way to fantasize of a reality in which they’re victimized

But wait for the drop, the crescendo, the realization

That black men, Jews, gays, transgenders, the poor and lesbians

Are here, and really mean something.

If I was a white nationalist, damn right I’d be worrying,

Because I can feel it, do you hear it? The fire is rising.

Scared of Muslims? Soon you’ll really know what it’s like to be fighting

The people you’ve subjected to your fears, your hate, your propaganda and lying.

Feel the “Bern”, but Sanders ain’t who’ll be the cause of your metaphorical frying

It’s the one’s you’ve oppressed, the one’s you detest,

You’re a wound on society, they’ll be the zest

Of the lemons coming to cleanse you.

We want you broken and smashed, fuck trying to bend you,

Or hear you or understand you, I’d much rather politically end you

And send you to the depths of hell.

Punch a nazi, bash the fash, I can’t and won’t incite that

But I can and will say it would please me, believe me it wouldn’t displease me to see the movement of white supremacy



To quote Malcolm X: by any means necessary.

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