Crazy things my teacher has said part 6-last part
Crazy things my teacher has said part 6-last part funny stories

thebookqueen14 Love is a friendship that caught fire!!!
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Hope you enjoyed this lil series i did. and thank you for reading.

Crazy things my teacher has said part 6-last part

Sadly this is the last part. I hope you have enjoyed all the crazy things my teacher and rico have talked about anyways thank you guys so much and enjoy.

" I don't know where Rico is. He is probably out in a pond. He's swimming"

"I thought I put it on do not disturb.... I did not :("

"You gotta figure out what kind of rock you're attracted to first"

"Rico likes to rub his feet with pumice"

"Watery truck stop coffee"

"The baby is screaming out for dear life"

"The lung capacity of that child though"

"He's singing the last note at the end of act 1 in a broadway performance"

"The next elphaba, i'm calling it"

As you see we have some annoying children..but not you.

The penguins carry the rocks to their cave and we sit here wondering where all the tiny rocks went"

" She's longing for the dirt it looks like she' in love with it"

" Oh you got a zero...nice good job"

" yes you took the average from 22 to 18 *claps* good job"

"michael meyers but pedo edition"

"maybe it's because rico that you get your work done"

"since week one i knew i could never be better than rico"

"if you got hit with a block of ice the size of a refrigerator, that probably wouldn't feel good, you'd probably die"

"It doesn't matter- OH I LOVE FUNNEL CAKE"

"Tyson is a white boy name"

"3 of the children have no neck"

"The language is a lil spicy"

"Ye old torture show"

"No, i click on it through canvas and it tells me i'm a bad person and like i'm not worthy"

" you think that dog will stand a chance against must be crazy"

"Yes you do know eric jones"

" I can totally see Mrs. Schmit with birds, that woman i can see her with a whole flock of birds"

"Yeah my dog dies like 28 years ago*chuckles softly*"

" OO let's harass them"

"Our stats say that were kinda dumb....hahah im just kidding"

" Welcome to the Rico show"

"Yes so just go here an oops...just pretend I never went there"

"Where do we not find life"

Katie: Antarctica

"That's your zebra friend" *is a giraffe*

German anna: Biome

"That sounds like a boojee fish"

"B u g s"

The blade of grass

"Eventually a crocodile will eat someone's baby"

"Yall havent seen a parrot shoot a gun"

"If bears had assault rifles i'd be terrified"

"People having 15 children, that's their problem"


"Octopuses? Octopi?"

"Do yall remember your childhoods? Because i don't" - Oleander

"What's up with the unnecessary trama talk

o l e a n d e r"


Hope you enjoyed this lil series i did. and thank you for reading.

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