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Thoughts about writing and how I feel when people interact with my poetry :)


by Karla Aguilera Moreno.


Writing make me express what my mouth can't Writing make me express what people on regular life don't want to hear

Mundane people

walking on earth with focused ideas with a regular mind I think extravagant ideas makes the world round makes the world alive

Wake up, go to work

bath, eat, excersice, homework Obligations that cloud the mind Writing takes away that

Writing takes away the cycle

takes away the normal reasoning You can cry, You can laugh but must importantly it makes you reflect

I'm not a mathematician I'm not a biologist I'm no astronomist I'm a writer

I'm a writer when I observe people

when I think about their traits I'm a writer when I don't want to live in this world because it's full with mud and the oxygen is running out for everyone

People running to meetings

Slaves of the sound of the clock The agony of being stressed by your obligations leaves you with paranoid ideas with the wrong thoughts

You are worried about a test

rather than your friend crying You are worried about perfection rather than care about your surroundings.

I'm a writer

when I do a poem and cry later because reality is too harsh Therefore, I choose a world of imaginery and of sequences of words That can't change Can't transform Words,I can control

But you are the kings

You are the queens You are everything to me Humanity bare with me Intelligent souls that are superior than the own writer

I wonder that you can find

Your own story Your own explanation Your own fight on my words And that's what makes the world round And make you fantastic

You, person of ideas

Always different Always colliding with each other to reach several points that can be far away as Mars or Mercutio

I may be the writer

but you are the readers you have the power you are the designers to give someone the feeling of being special

There are kind and bad souls in this world

But you blind the concept of evil and make me reach the joy I've expected to fullfill Fall, drops of heaven Shine, hidden stars

Because you bear with me and I bear with you

of this world of humans that sometimes, we may don't understand but we always shall respect.

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