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Wonder from Extras in "Are you okay? No, I write poems" by me :) haha


by thebookofstyles - Karla Aguilera.

Sometimes I wonder...

Do you come from the most beautiful of galaxies? The galaxies that reflect the most iridiscent colors The galaxies with the thin rainbow dust that awes the soul

Sometimes I wonder...

Are you even real? Do you occupy matter and space? Are your breaths making an exchange of O2 and CO2 just like my own?

Sometimes I wonder...

Sometimes I wonder if you are just in my dreams and I'm the worst of schizophrenics searching for the idolized love , for the perfectly built prince-charming.

I'm the worst at love

can't keep it away can't keep it close I'm morphing into an angel of death glooming over the brightness of your persona. I'm morphing into a daymare to your existence I'm the worst luck

Sometimes I wonder...

Are you made by the same body parts of my own? Are you made with the same heart as the mundane humans? That's where it lies my truth You are not.


You are a bright smile in a lonely tear You are a festival at 5 in the morning where no one wants to pursue the ecstasy of life Your being is a wanderer of kindness and heart-warming actions

That my conscious can't phantom into a logical explanation Into a perpetual agreement between the mind and the heart of mine Enemies by blood collide to try to figure you out

My love, My life...

Sometimes I wonder Is it fair? That your are this ungodly majestic soul with an aura powerful as the sun and cascading beauty as the uncovered full moon.

Sometimes I wonder...

are you from Earth? Because for me you will always be from Heaven because that's where your soul will always belong dancing with the cherubs of peace that's where you belong..

in the farthest place that you could go from this cursed world. Thank you for reading :)

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