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A stranger's advice

by Karla Aguilera

He told me

You are born in this world for a reason Thus you should try hard.

He told me

Don’t let others deceive you Thus you should choose wisely, Become confident with a brilliant smile.

He also told me

Sometimes you’re going to be sad So sad, That you'll feel like crumbling inside. Thus you should build will To get out of your dark side.

But his most heart-breaking advice was:

Sometimes you’re going to feel lonely The world disappearing around Souls will change into shadows And the shadows will not see you nor care for you They will only give you their backs.

Thus you should build a best-friend

That you would respect and love When nobody would When nobody is around Stand in front of the mirror And smile a little Because you have found it It’s finally there. That best friend,

It's you

Learn to love it Learn to listen to it Learn to daily take care of it That presence Is all you have So make the best of it.

Let it breath, Let it live,

Let it chase its dreams. Make it your goal to let it smile, To let it find meaningful relationships, To let it live at its fullest

So when that presence disappears,

It will be at the destined time, And it won’t be sad, It won’t be scary It will be a milestone It will be peaceful It will be worthwhile.

Thank you for reading this!

Lots of love xX

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