"Tell Him" Written by The Artist J
                        "Tell Him"
                       Written by 
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theartistj Christian, Comic Book Artist, and Writer
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A poem I made about Satan who is called the accuser, when he trys to accuse a Christian.

"Tell Him" Written by The Artist J

Knock me down, go ahead and try

Drag my name through the mud and accuse me for hundredth time

State all the facts

My every sin and mistake

Don't forget to tell my Judge how much I am of a fake!

A Fruad!

A phony!

A hypocrite and fool!

How I've lied in the past!

Cheated, and used people as my own selfish tools!

How I've lusted, how I've stole!

Tell the Judge how much I am of a wretched soul!

A burden!

A burden! A blunder!

A burden! A blunder! A blemish and a freak!

Toss my every sin before the Judge and let Him know just how much my sin reeks!


But most importantly

After you've had your little fun time...

Make sure to tell Him how it was His own son who took my punishment and paid my every fine!

How He paid my price in full, and even reformed my mind!

How He bore my every charge you've thrown against me and paid the whole sum!

How He convinced the same Judge you're accusing me before to adopt me as His son!

So go ahead Satan, you know your time is nigh

So slander me before my Father, c'mon, go ahead and try!

Because thanks to the blood of His son Jesus Christ, I Will Never Die!

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