Protection in Virescene
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Oscar takes a blow that leaves him in a such a severe state that he ends up getting the attention of Ozpin, who has been MIA since the day Jinn revealed his secrets, and Oz is more that a little upset.

In fact, he's furious.

Protection in Virescene

It all happened so fast, everything happened way too fast but everyone was to preoccupied with fighting to take any notice.

Yang and Wiess were fighting several batches of Grimm, Qrow was fighting Raven, Team JRN was helping Ironwood defend innocents while battling Emerald and Mercury.

And Ruby, as crazy as she was, had chosen to fight Cinder of all people.

Everything seemed to have been going well that was, until an explosion rocked the ground, knocked several others off balance.

But even through the dust and debris Oscar was able to see Hazel appear out of no where, charging towards Ruby, who hadn't noticed because she was too preoccupation with her fight against Cinder.

Everything seemed to stop time itself seemed to cease, seemed to go in slow motion.

Because he knew from Ozpin's explanation of the man that at just the right angle, at just the right moment,

Hazel's attack can break a person's aura and severely injury them all at the same time.

And even as strong and as fast as Ruby was, taking a direct hit from both Hazel and Cinder would kill her, within a second. And by the twisted look on Cinder's face, she knew it too.

Then time resumed as his feet moved on their own, he ran forward, his mind thinking of one thing, getting to Ruby, getting there to save her.

He was grateful that he inherited Oz's speed because he was able to get there right at the last second, "Ruby!

" He called out as he jumped the rest of the way forward and pushed Ruby out of range of Cinder and Hazel's attacks, before taking both blows square to his front,

sending him flying a crossed the rumble, landing with his face pressed against the dirt.

Time seemed to stand still once again, as a cocoon of pure agony wrapped around his entire frame.

He gasped out, no longer able to breathe as his head felt like it was able to split open, body on fire. He cried out upon instinct, but it hardly was any louder then a whimper.

What was left of his vision blurred and suddenly he wasn't on the battle field anymore.

He was in the place, the part of his head that Oz had locked himself away in, but Oscar being here was different, here he felt broken, even here he felt himself dying.

He wished with everything he had left in him that Ozpin would show up, because Oz would know what to do, Ozpin always knew what to do.

Then as if answering his wish, suddenly there was Oz, Oscar felt the warmth of the old man's aura before anything else registered to him and his weakened state.

"Oscar!" For the first time in weeks, even as his hearing faded in and out, Oscar heard Oz's voice.

Then he felt himself being gently lifted, and now Oscar was safely tucked protectively Ozpin's arms.


" Oscar felt a hand fall against his cheek, he felt that hand guiding him sideways ever so softly, blinking away the haze from his eyes, Oscar was able to see Ozpin's face,

and it occurred to him that this was the first time he had ever seen the man's face. "Oscar!?"

In his state of delirium, he found himself laughing. "About time you came back." Tears flowed down his face, half from pain and half from happiness. "Missed you."

Multiple motions washed over Oz's face when he said those words.




Oscar felt a little guilty himself, knowing how scared Oz was, how useless he most likely felt. But right now he was in too much pain to care. "I'm sorry.

" Sorry for turning everyone against you, for hurting you, for not trusting you, for everything.

He said this silently, because he didn't have the strength to speak anymore, because he knew that no matter what Ozpin would hear it.

He was right, for tears sprung to Oz's eyes and trickled down his face. Body at his limit, his vision blackened entirely and he knew nothing else but darkness.

Meanwhile Oz was an absolute wreck.

His heart almost stopped as he could only watch in horror as Oscar slipped away into unconsciousness due to his injuries, and there Oscar in his arms, wracked with hysteria he never felt before,

Oz hugged the boy closer to him and cried.

He felt an overwhelming sense of fear and despair consume his heart, he knew that Oscar didn't have much time left before he would pass, leaving Ozpin to alone without the boy by his side,

he also knew that because of such, there wasn't much he could do, seeing as he did not have the power to heal, Oscar would certainly die--

No, not again


Then within seconds, he felt a new emotion wash over him; anger, but not just any type of anger, it was the type of anger that was calm that it was scary,

where someone was completely in their right mind but simply didn't give a damn. That is what he felt, that is what consumed his heart.

Giving Oscar one last squeeze, he picked the boy up, and placed him in the door that represented Oz, himself, hoping beyond hope that the energy of his door would sustain Oscar,

that would prolong the boy's life just enough once everything was over.

Brushing a matted bang away from Oscar's face, Ozpin then took control over Oscar's body,

his eyes snapped open and he shot up like a spinning top as energy seemed to drip off him in thick visible, electrical shock waves that were tinted green in hue.

His calm anger to the people that hurt Oscar only heightened once he saw the blood all over his boy's body.

Ozpin turned his gaze on Cinder and Hazel only, he pointed his cane at them both, eyes glowing with thunderous, dangerous energy.

"For what you two did to him." He gripped The Long Memory in his hands tightly, his voice sounding more distorted then any of them have heard thus far. "Mercy is not something I will grant you."

Alone, without any back up, Ozpin The Wizard charged forward.

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