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You were Someone I loved This broke my heart

I Lost You

You were Someone I loved

This broke my heart

It was the hardest thing I have ever gone through

As much time has past

Nothing has changed

I kept thinking I was getting better

But than something would remind me of you

And a flash back would come

It would hit me all over like a million bullets

I loved you with all my heart

But then you broke it

You just left, stop breathing

When you did, when your heart took its last beat

You took my heart with it

Now even if I tried I can never love someone

I still love you

Even though I shouldn’t

I feel like I must

You were once there, and you helped me

That you’re happy with your new life away from me

I’m sorry mom

I should have been better

I wish you could have answered my questions

Tell me why you left us

I wish you would tell me why you had 3 children,

With 3 guys you told you loved

But never helped them raise us

Please mom

Come back to us

We can’t do this on our own.

We love you

We need you

I hope its true that there are no tears in heaven

Maybe I’ll see you up there one day

Or maybe you’ll leave again….

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