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the_author_815 Welcome to my mind my Dearest Readers.
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I know it's long. Let me be.

Have You...?

Have you ever wanted to go back a fix something you messed up?

Fix an issue between you and friend?

Fix and dumb mistake you made when you were in a relationship with some one?

Fix your life?

Have you ever wondered what would've happened if you hadn't done that one thing?

The one thing that changed your life

The one thing that made you change soo much over time no one noticed until it was too late.

I have...

For all the people I hurt... or helped hurt some one...

I'm sorry...

And to those failed lovers...

Find some one worth your while.

You're soulmate.

I found my one and only...

But that one mistake that change my life and her's forever.

Some say that you only can have one soulmate...

I say...

I say you make the rules of your own life.

You make your own destiny.

And for fuck's sake you better..

People change...

Change scares me.

Change separates the leaders and the unique from the followers and the people that don't know what to do.

I may not be a leader...

but you know damn well I am unique.

I'm adopted

I have MPD

I have had my heart broken soo many times

I have friends that are way different from what you'd think.

I am nothing like my family.

I don't play sports.

I work for what I want.

I fight for those who I believe I need in my life.

I fight for....

I fight for my life.

even though sometimes it feels like I'm losing that fight...

my friends and my family push me to my limits and help me fight.

Everyday is a new challenge.

If you overcome that challenge good for you.

For those who can't...

Don't do it on your own.

You have friends and family to watch your back and keep you fighting.

And for those who just wanna give up and end it all...


Find the people in your life that will fight for you.

And for those who are like me...

The ones that fight for others

The therapist friend

The one that thinks life screws with you for no reason

For those who are mentally insane.

Keep doing what you are doing.

You are keeping innocent lights from blinking out.


Life is never fair.

Life has rules for you to follow.

Fuck the damn rules.


cuz i know sure as hell you can overcome this hell hole.

Even if it kills ya.

Thank you...

For reading this.

I know it's quite lengthy but I had a lot on my mind.

Good bye for now.

Dallas-The Author

The Author of my own life.

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