City Lights
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thatrosycheeks Dark horse. Writer. Chemist.
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Written when I was drunk, edited when I was a bit sober (and also with a help of a friend).

City Lights

There is magic at midnight.

When the city lights shine so bright, and

The cold breeze of the shore,

Eases your body's warmth from the alcohol.

There is magic at 1:00 am,

When we continue to drink more booze than we can.

The glint of city light in your eyes,

I continue to look with love which in friendship I disguise.

But at 4:00 am the magic melts,

As your girlfriend calls and tell you her sentiments.

I roll my eyes and drink some more,

Hoping the pain be numbed by this strong liquor.

It's 5:00 am and the magic is gone,

Then and again you left me alone.

Three years have passed since I last saw you,

You may have left, but our memories remained in me.

Even if... there's not much left to remember.

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