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A short poem/story about reality.

The Power

by That One Guy

It controls us all. Nobody is free from it's grasp. For it decides the fate of every mortal.

Everyone strives to gain more. It is what determines what you can and cannot do. It decides what you do with your life, despite what you want and feel.

All of your possessions are given to you by it. It determines what you can and can't have.

It determines whether you live in comfort or in the streets; forcing you to scavenge for your life.

Others have more than others. They can control the power while some have to beg for a taste of the power.

Your life surrounds it. You must consult it before you can make any decision; big or small.

But what it can't do is bring you is true friends and love. Pepole wI'll spoonfeed you lies for a cut of your power.

But does it really matter if you have true friends? You can have anything you want if you have the power. Even happiness can't exist without it, despite what you think.

You don't need anything, except for the power. Everything you do is for the power. All you need is more power.

After all...

You can never have enough money.

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