Terrin Jose- Future CPA
Terrin Jose- Future CPA stories
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Terrin Jose- Future CPA

by terrin

I grew up in Des Plaines IL.

Growing up here was interesting because I lived in a community where everyone was either the child of immigrants or was an immigrant themselves. I learned never judge till I know their burdens

In my spare time I like to box

I originally got into this because there was a free class at the gym, but I have come to enjoy it.


The proudest moment was when I placed 3rd in the Illinois DECA State Competition in the accounting applications division.

My dream is to be a tax accountant for one of the Big Four.

I want to be able to help my clients solve all of their problems and I want them to be able to come to me for anything. In short, I wanna be their Harvey Specter.

Now, I am still a student at DePaul University.

My goal is to start an accounting internship.

I wanna take my classroom experience and learn from real world experience.

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