In the month of December, 2018, I lost all self love.
In the month of December, 2018, I lost all self love.  liar stories

teezzzyyyy I am a broken kid with a sad love story.
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A liar broke my heart.

In the month of December, 2018, I lost all self love.

In that same month, I met you... the love of my life...

Of course I didn’t know it yet... but I felt it. & thats all I needed.

I needed to feel that you were the one. I needed to feel your love.

You made me fall for you...

You became my bestfriend... you became the bestest bestfriend I’ve ever had...

Because of that, we never left eachothers side. We were eachothers other half.

I enjoyed every moment with you my love... you made me the happiest I’ve ever been.

I enjoyed feeling how you made me feel...

I enjoyed the thoughts of marrying you... I’d do anything for you.

& you made sure that I felt you’d do anything for me... I mean you were the first to ever buy me flowers. That means something right?

That means our love is infinite right? Its real & true isn’t it?

I mean we did everything together...

Im almost 100% sure that means something...

We made EVERY moment count... our relationship grew stronger... at least that’s what I thought...

One day... I lost some of you...

But it was only a little... I knew I was losing you when you start lying to me... you never lied to me before...whats that about?

I stayed though... I know you aren’t perfect. I knew we weren’t going to be perfect... It’s was normal for us to lie to eachother right? That’s what couples do... right?

But thats not all you did... you managed to keep me smiling with only your lies... But why? I’d never lied to you.

You start showing me this side of you that I’ve never seen before... I didn’t ask for this.

But still... I loved you unconditionally... because I’m supposed to right?

I couldn’t believe your words anymore... I could only believe you from your actions...

My bestest bestfriend... became a selfish... compulsive... liar, right under my nose. I lost her. Completely. & I still loved her unconditionally.

Because that’s what I’m supposed to do right?

You made me believe that I was doing the right thing... & I wasn’t... I thought just because you were my bestfriend, & my lover, that I had to love you unconditionally. No matter how you hurt me... I believed you were the one for me. So I stayed... But in the left...

I stayed... & I loved you... even when you stopped loving me... I stayed. I trusted you with my heart... Even though you lied, I stayed mhilton. How could you leave me? I STAYED.

You told me you lost feelings... You stopped loving me. I never stopped loving you.

My superhero... the one that saved me from depression, the one that mended my broken heart, the one that I’d thought would do anything for me... has done the worst thing she could have ever done... She stopped loving me... Now where do I go?

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