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A glimpse of what happens gradually in a failing marriage over several years... emotional hurt, complications, who's lying or telling the truth, divorce petition, saint or sinner


He had pleaded with her several times to meet him half way, he had also spoken to family members, in the hope that, maybe them relaying the message will make her see things,

however all of his endeavours fell on deaf ears.

What was he meant to do now to move forward?! He needed to find how to make things better for both of them, but then having children made that decision a lot more complicated.

He carefully had to craft a plan over several years in the hope that the actions he took wouldn’t detriment the lives of their children.

The only reason they would be coming together would be only to celebrate the success of their children.

She wouldn’t take no for an answer. She had over the several years done everything in her marriage aside from taking care of her self development.

She had from his perspective, always disrespected him. Staying away from her marital home was unbeknownst to her the downfall of her marriage. The final straw that broke the back of the donkey.

She’s got so many things going through her mind making her unable to concentrate on what issues matters the most.

He had once, some years back, tendered divorce letters and now the second time, he will not change his mind. He can’t and won’t continue to live in this nightmare.

He is happy because his children have all achieved several milestones and him making that decision to call it quits, he believed would not affect them.

He has waited all these years just to make sure that each e of his children are independent.

He isn’t claiming he’s a saint nor is he claiming to have been a great husband.

He just can’t bear the thought of himself and his ‘supposed’ wife continuously going through so much emotional hurt.

It’s better to call it quits than prolong the everlasting, maybe permanent scar that ceases to wear off

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