The Unusual Cat
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The Unusual Cat

Hello mister! Why are you sad?

Oh, its just that I look different than everyone else.

Is that a bad thing?

Of course it is! I get made fun of and laughed at all day.

Why? I think you look beautiful.


Definitely! You look like the combination of sun and moon. Of day and night.

You really think so?

Yes, I just wish I could be as unique as you.

Oh child, looking different isn’t the only way to be unique. I could tell from the moment I saw you that you were different from the rest.

You really think I am unique?

Well, you don’t care about my appearance, do you?

I guess not.

See, you are unique. Your kindness is plentiful, and you will definitely grow to be such an amazing cat one day.

Am I going to be as amazing as you?

Oh child, you already are.

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