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Biana wandered into the room slowly, eyes focussed on the large windows on the other side. She seemed lost in thought as she sank onto the soft mattress covered in thick, silky blankets. It was a few moments before she realized that she wasn't the only one in the room.

Bianex-a Kotlc Fanfiction

Biana wandered into the room slowly, eyes focused on the large windows on the other side. She seemed lost in thought as she sank onto the soft mattress covered in thick, silky blankets.

It was a few moments before she realized that she wasn't the only one in the room.

"Dex!" she gasped as she shifted to a more comfortable position and caught sight of the boy with a glass flask in his hand. A bubbling red liquid was inside.

"Why didn't you say that you were here?"

Dex's head jerked upwards and he grinned sheepishly. "I was wondering if I could just slip out without you noticing?"

Biana blinked. "What are you doing in Sophie's room anyways... oh," she paused and nodded in recognition as she noticed the tiny red imp on the floor. His hair was long and braided down the back.

Dex held up the flask. "And it's hand-braided, too."

Biana raised her eyebrows and clasped her hands together. "You can braid hair? I'd love to see that," she said with a laugh.

"Really? Because I can do you right now," Dex said, gesturing towards her straight brown hair that was tumbling messily around her shoulders.

"You know what? I think I could use it."

Dex stood up and walked over to the bed. He sat down beside Biana and grabbed fistfulls of her hair in his hands. Carefully, with little precise movements, he wove the strands back and forth.

"What brings you to Sophie's house, by the way?" Dex asked.

Biana sighed. "I just came to see if Sophie was here. But no, of course, she's out with Keefe. As always."

"Yeah, why does she always hang out with Keefe?" Dex asked, shaking his head.

"Why does she?" Biana echoed.

They both fell silent for a long moment. Biana thought bitterly about all the years she'd known Keefe.

She'd always been the girl closest to Keefe, even if it wasn't really a romantic relationship. She would hang out with Keefe and Fitz all the time; they would play base quest and everything.

Now she hardly got to spend any time with Keefe, and instead the new girl did.

Immediately, Biana felt guilty. Sophie was her best friend! It wasn't like anything was going on between her and Keefe, even before Sophie came along.

"I guess we both just feel left out," Dex said sadly. Biana nodded.

"Can I tell you something?" Dex whispered.

"Sure, anything."

"I, uh... I used to really like Sophie. And, we, uh...." Dex trailed off.

"I know about the kiss," Biana replied, laying her hand on Dex's shoulder.

"You do? Wow, secrets spread fast I guess," Dex moaned. "Yeah, I used to really like Sophie. When she said I was her best friend, and...

and I guess I just thought that maybe it could be more, you know? It felt like it could be more, at first. But then there was Keefe, and Fitz... and then the kiss..."

Biana sucked in a deep breath. "You probably know this, I used to like Keefe. And it was all completely ridiculous, because I knew he never liked me, if I really was honest with myself."

Dex gave her a sympathetic look. Biana laughed sadly. "It's confession time, huh?"

Dex looked nervously at Biana. "Well, as long as we're confessing, there's something I want to tell you. You know how Sophie and I just decided to be friends after the kiss?"

"Yes..." Biana replied, wondering where this was going.

"Well, it was hard. It took awhile. But I moved on, and a realized Sophie was right. We're better as just friends."

Dex finished off Biana's braid with a hair tie, and Biana stood up and twirled around towards a mirror.

"It's beautiful!" she exclaimed, and she turned back around to face Dex. He had stood up, too, and an odd look was on his face.

"Plus, there's someone else I like now."

Dex leaned in, and Biana felt herself leaning in too. Suddenly his lips were on hers, and her arms were around him. She closed her eyes, and all past thoughts faded away.

It seemed like a blissful forever before they both stepped back. Dex ran his hand through his styled red hair.

"Woah," he breathed. Biana gave a breathy laugh.

"Woah," she agreed.

"Woah," Sophie and Keefe echoed from the doorway. Biana and Dex jumped.

"Oops did I say that out loud? Oh no, I was hoping you guys wouldn't see me..." Sophie trailed off.

"But then again, you two were making out in my bedroom! You two were making out! In my bedroom! Why were you in my bedroom?'

"Oh. Long story," Biana muttered.

"Well, this is a bit awkward," Keefe chortled.

"We'll leave," Dex said, a goofy smile on his face.

Sophie POV

Sophie sunk onto her bed, Keefe beside her.

"Weird. It wasn't that long ago that I...."

"That you were the one kissing Dex," Keefe finished.

"Yeah. Not that I'm jealous, I'm happy for both of them. But it feels so weird, you know? Seems like Dex's kiss with Biana went a bit better than his kiss with me."

"Eh, you just didn't have enough practice. Here, wanna try again?" Keefe asked. Sophie laughed.

"You're not all that experienced at kissing either, Keefe. Biana kissed you once. Mostly on the cheek."

Keefe grinned. "So then I need the experience too."

Sophie smiled back. "Sorry, Keefe. But I'm not ready for something like this. I kind of proved that with Dex, didn't I?"

Keefe POV

Keefe watched Sophie leave her room.

He would wait for her. He'd never give up on her. And, he'd always be her friend.

Until she was ready for more.

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