Secret Garden
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This is a poem I have re-mediated from Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel 'The Secret Garden for a university assignment.

Burnett, F.H. (2003). The Secret Garden. Victoria, Australia: Hinkler Books Pty Ltd.

Secret Garden

by Teagan Williams

Secret Garden Wild, Enchanted, Free

Thick Ivy Twining, Tangled, Green

Shining Sun Warm, Bright, Radiant

Sweet Roses Bursting, Blooming, Fresh

Gentle Breeze Quiet, Rustling Leaves

Children Exploring Happy, Excited, Alive

Secret Garden Safe, Special, Magic

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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I loved the minimalist terse approach. It enhanced your vivid descriptions. Great job!!!!!