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by tbanarchy I've posted before how a Commaful user has called me RACIST for my pieces on Colin Kaepernick, accusing me of being "against" those who "protest" racial inequality.

You're RACIST?

by tbanarchy

I've posted before how a Commaful user has called me RACIST for my pieces on Colin Kaepernick, accusing me of being "against" those who "protest" racial inequality.

I want to make one thing PERFECTLY clear here: I do NOT have ANYTHING against ANYONE protesting racial inequality and/or racial injustice in ANY way.

I'm not going to rehash what I actually posted in my pieces about CK. Users can read them for themselves and see the points I was REALLY making.

But I would like to give THIS message to said Commaful user who keeps calling me RACIST:

I have been on Commaful for about a couple of years now and have gotten over 5,000 followers and, in all that time, I have NEVER had anyone-NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON-call me a "racist" or a "bigot" EVER.

And that, of course, includes my pieces about Colin Kaepernick (except, of course, for the user who keeps calling me RACIST).

In fact, while I don't mean to brag here, the owner of this site Sydney sent me a message a couple of years back saying how my posts were among the MOST popular on Commaful (at least back THEN).

So does THAT mean all those who have read-and "liked"-all of my pieces on Commaful are RACIST too? Ditto for ALL the hundreds of thousands who have FOLLOWED me on here.

As for whether or not I'm a card-carrying RACIST, anyone who's read my pieces on here knows I've CONDEMNED racism. (Read my pieces "A History Of False Allegations" and on John Mayer.)

The things I do condemn in my "serious" pieces are political correctness-which, like George Carlin, I view as little more than fascism disguised as manners-and blatant hypocrisy.

And when I do condemn specific people in my pieces it's either because I feel they're blatant hypocrites and/or politically correct D-Bags (which usually winds up being one in the SAME) and NOT because of their race (or their gender).

As for Colin Kaepernick, I actually applaud all the charity work he does which I feel does MORE to actually help people than his kneeling, which I view as little more than "virtue-signaling". (And people who read my pieces knows how much I also condemn "virtue-signaling".)

And if after saying THAT you STILL want to call me RACIST, go for it. I've been called racist on Twitter and Facebook and have even been called a NAZI. And, as I've posted before, I've even been told to KILL MYSELF after posting an "offending" viewpoint.

None of that will make me shut up or has made me change my views on things, including on Colin Kaepernick, especially if ALL you can do is call me a RACIST without even showing me precisely why I'm such a RACIST.

Again, as anyone who reads my pieces on a regular basis know, I'm definitely NOT a politically correct person & I can even be "offensive" a time or two (or more!).

But I challenge ANYONE to show me in ANY of my posts on Commaful that I "discriminate" against ANYONE based on their race or ethnicity. There again, as I've posted before, I feel so-called humanity in general SUCKS.

The last thing I'd like to say to the Commaful user who called me RACIST is that out of ALL the people who've read my pieces on Colin Kaepernick, you are the ONLY one who accused me of being a RACIST for posting them.

What the hell does THAT say about YOU?

Just asking!

Oh, one MORE thing about Colin Kaepernick & whether or not those who dare "criticize" him are indeed RACISTS:

NFL legend Jim Brown himself has-dare I say it!-condemn CK for not standing during the National Anthem, saying how he doesn't "desecrate" the flag or the NA. Now would THIS Commaful user also decry Jim Brown as being RACIST?

Or would criticizing Jim Brown be-again, dare I say it!-RACIST?

Again, just asking!

Just saying!

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