WTF Happened To MTV?
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MTV get off the effing air . . . NOW!!!!

WTF Happened To MTV?

by tbanarchy

MTV-which stands, for those who don't know, for Music Television-used to be one of the coolest channels on TV back when it played actual-oh, what's that thing called again?-MUSIC.

Nowadays MTV is about as "musical" as a fart in a windstorm as the channel has gone from playing actual MUSIC to showing godwaful teen "reality" shows like The (Not) Real World & The Jersey Shore.

And DON'T get me started on that godforsaken Teen Mom crap. (Seriously, MTV, WTF?)

This is, of course, probably why Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider some years back so eloquently stated how MTV now stands for Melodramatic Teenage Vomit.

So what happened? Apparently somewhere along the road it became more "profitable" for MTV to play shows about said "melodramatic teenage vomit" than to play actual MUSIC.

And the ratings, apparently, bear this out as MTV was reportedly one of the few cable channels to have decent ratings in 2018. The VMAs-i.e. the Video Music Awards-notwithstanding as their 2018 show was the lowest rated in the show's history.

Which is kind of ironic seeing as the VMAs is about the ONLY show anymore on MTV that has actual MUSIC. Of course, I'm sure all the "political" BS espoused on the show DIDN'T help (just like with all OTHER awards shows in recent years).

MTV has also, like practically everything ELSE in this country nowadays, become a "woke" politically correct channel. I mean, have you ever watched that MTV Decoded?

One episode of this "woke" show was actually titled-and, no, I'm NOT making this up!-"If You Farted Everytime You Were Racist". (Seriously, MTV, WTF?!)

Which, again, is kind of ironic considering how "woke" MTV once had to be essentially blackmailed into playing music videos by BLACK artists which they refused to do for years which even David Bowie once infamously called them out on.

It happened when the "woke" channel refused to play the video for Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" and they relented ONLY when MJ's record company threatened to pull ALL their music videos from off the channel. ("Woke" indeed!)

And now, years later, the (non) music channel produces docs talking about how "racist" WHITE people are (which, of course, they would know!). But I digress . . .

Anyway, I remember the channel back when they had what they called VJ's who would introduce the videos. They were like DJ's on the radio except only cheesier. (And, yeah, I'm looking at YOU, Carson Daly!)

Although I do admit to having a bit of a crush on Martha Quinn!

And let's NOT forget Kari Wuhrer! (Meow!)

One of my favorite shows on MTV was Headbangers Ball that would play nothing but heavy metal/hard rock videos for a few hours every Saturday night.

The show's most popular host was Riki Rachtman who-thankfully!-replaced shameless Jon Bon Jovi wannabe Adam Curry. I personally thought Riki was one of the coolest MFers on not only MTV but on TV in general.

Then there were other shows like Unplugged where bands and singers would play an "acoustic" performance. Which, of course, many of today's auto-tuned hacks wouldn't dream of doing today.

This show showcased singers and bands the channel's "typical" viewership might not have otherwise been exposed to like The Allman Brothers Band and Bob Dylan (who, of course, probably wouldn't have music careers today).

In the 90s, the channel started showing non-musical shows like The Real World and the infamous Beavis & Butthead. But it was STILL mainly a MUSIC channel (and STILL cool in my oh-so-humble view).

Then the channel began airing shows like that godawful The Jersey Shore-which Dee Snider would undoubtedly call "melodramatic teenage vomit"-and that's when I stopped watched the damn channel altogether.

In fact, the last time I bothered watching MTV was when they "rebooted" Beavis & Butt-head. Which, of course, was probably the "smartest" show the (non) music channel had shown in YEARS.

So will MTV ever start showing actual MUSIC again? To be brutally honest, I really DON'T give a shit if they do, especially since music-like everythinig ELSE in this country nowadays, has gone down the fucking drain.

Kind of like how I don't give a shit if Disney makes anymore Star Wars movies since nearly EVERYTHING that was once cool in this society now sucks MAJOR donkey balls. (No offense to the donkeys!)

It's like onetime Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra-who was once cool himself BEFORE he became "woke"-once so eloquently put it:

MTV, GET OFF THE FUCKING AIR!!!! (Well, Jello didn't actually say "fucking" but YOU get the idea!)

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