Why I'm DONE With James Bond
Why I'm DONE With James Bond james bond stories

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First it was Star Wars and NOW it's James Bond.

Why I'm DONE With James Bond

by tbanarchy

I've posted before how I was DONE with Star Wars because of all the forced "woke" bullshit Disney and Lucasfilm have blatantly interjected into the films, especially that damned Last Jedi.

Now you can add James Bond to THAT list as the franchise has now gone the Star Wars-and let's NOT forget the Ghostbusters!-route and has gone totally AND completely "woke".

Of course, I am referring to the recent "announcement" that the new 007 will NOT be Daniel Craig but rather an African-American actress named Lashana Lynch who co-starred in the Captain Marvel film.

So she's not only a POC but she also co-starred with "feminist" Brie Larson in Captain Marvel? That's DOUBLE the "woke" points!

Apparently, according to reports, Daniel Craig will play a "retired" James Bond who will be "replaced" by Miss Lynch.

Never mind they've already DONE the "retired" James Bond plot in the film Never Say Never Again, which was Sean Connery's final JB flick (and is one of my all-time favorite Bond flicks).

Anyway, it probably goes without saying that anyone who dares "criticize" this "woke" James Bond will be called . . . well, YOU know!

And there'll also undoubtedly be countless articles in the "woke" media-just like with Star Wars-accusing "critics" of this "woke" JB of HATING seeing black women in film.

Which, at least in my case, is pure BULLSHIT as there've been MANY films I've watched over the years with kick-ass black women I've been a BIG fan of.

For instance, films such as Coffy starring the great Pam Grier and Cleopatra Jones and, more recently, the film Proud Mary starring Taraji P. Henson, just to name a few.

Not that I was all that hyped about seeing ANOTHER James Bond flick with Daniel Craig since, as I've also posted before, I'm NOT the biggest fan of his.

In fact, I regard Daniel Craig as my LEAST favorite James Bond-and I'm including George Lazenby in that bunch-as, to me, he's a humorless, sexless WIMP who couldn't seem to find his own ass with both hands AND a flashlight!

Hell, I don't think he even had sex with a chick until the third film, which was that Skyfall, which was, I think, the best Daniel Craig Bond film (which, to me, really isn't saying very much!).

As for this "new" James Bond, they could've just made this Lashana Lynch a completely DIFFERENT agent like they did with Halle Berry's character in Die Another Day, which was Pierce Brosnan's last JB flick.

Mmmm, Halle Berry in James Bond!

But I guess having a different (female) agent wouldn't be "woke" enough to satisfy the Twitter mob these filmmakers are blatantly trying to "appeal" to (who DON'T pay to go see movies to begin with), now WOULD it?

Which brings me to my next point: Anyone who's ever seen a James Bond film knows that he ALWAYS has some form of, shall we say, female assistance.

Granted, they might have, shall we say, suggestive names like Dr. Goodhead and-of course!-Pussy Galore, but they're STILL scientists and fellow agents who not only "assist" Bond but they often end up SAVING his ass!

Hell, even Octopussy had her own all-female army! (That's NOT Octopussy's cleavage, BTW!)

Of course, this isn't the first time they've "tinkered" with the James Bond character. For instance, they made the JB films a bit more politically corrent in the PC 90s when Pierce Brosnan was playing Bond.

But he STILL blew away sexy-ass Sophie Marceau in The World Is Not Enough and then went over to kiss her corpse.

Now, I ask, does anyone think they'd have the balls to put THAT in a Daniel Craig James Bond film today? Somehow I seriously doubt it!

In short, I want MY James Bond fo be bloody and brutal and sarcastic and who gets to fuck ANY woman he damn well pleases. And, above all, I don't want MY Bond to be fucking "WOKE"!

And, if THAT makes me "racist" and "sexist" or some type of "phobe" in the eyes of the Twitter "woke" mob (who pretty much run/ruin EVERY damn thing in this country today), then I say so be it!

Oh yeah, thanks in LARGE part to the Twitter "woke" mob, the legendary Bond Girls are NOW called Bond Women. (Or is it Bond Waman?)

One article called this new "woke" James Bond "a James Bond for the #MeToo era". So I guess the title of this "woke" JB flick ought to be The Spy Who Loved #MeToo!

I wonder what Daniel Criag-who called the James Bond character HE was playing a "misogynist" (and is ANOTHER reason why I don't like his ass!)-would say about THAT?

Of course, we all know how well all this "woke" BS worked out for THESE chicks!

Oh, wait a sec . . .

I swear, Roger Moore-who is, if you must know, my favorite James Bond-must be rolling around in his grave right about now!

R.I.P., "Sir" Roger!

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