Why I Don't Do "Cute" (& What I Find "Cute")
Why I Don't Do "Cute" (& What I Find "Cute") offend stories

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As always with a lot of stuff I post here, please DON'T read if you are an easily offended person., OK? Thanks!

Why I Don't Do "Cute" (& What I Find "Cute")

by tbanarchy

You may have noticed I don't publish stories on Commaful-or elsewhere-that would be defined as "cute".

Like stories about "cute" puppies or kittens or babies or any of THAT shit.


I don't like "cute" stories-or things-so why the hell should I write about them?

There are PLENTY of other writers who are undoubtedly more than happy to do "cute" stories.

I'm not knocking them, of course, but I'm just NOT one of them.

So what do I myself find "cute", you might ask?

Please DON'T read any further if you DON'T wish to know the answer to THAT question. (You've been warned!)

I think adult model Ariel Rebel is "cute".

I think seeing two girls kissing is "cute".

I think seeing a woman doing THIS to a guy is "cute".

I think the way they draw women in anime/hentai is "cute".

I think women parading around in their underwear is "cute".

I think women running in slow motion is "cute".

I think women wearing pigtails is "cute".

I find women dressing up as "Slave" Princess Leia to be "cute" (even if prudish Disney DOESN'T!).

I thought Barbara Steisand looked "cute" on her Superman album cover (mainly because she looks like the girl I lost my virginity to!).

I found Phoebe Cates & Jennifer Jason Leigh doing THIS with carrots in Fast Times At Ridgemont High "cute".

I think the way Allie Haze smiles is "cute".

If you DON'T know who Allie Haze is, I suggest you Google her. (If you DARE!)

As for cats, I do think women dressed as cats is "cute", if THAT counts.

And, oh yeah, I find it "cute" whenever someone gets "offended" by stuff I write or say.

Like THIS piece, no doubt!

Oh well! It certainly won't be the FIRST time I've "offended" someone . . . nor the LAST!

Which, like I said, I find CUTE as hell!

Oh, before I forget, I also find Elvira do be "cute". (And you know WHY, don't you?)

So, as you can CLEARLY see, my definition of "cute" & others definition of "cute" are two TOTALLY different things!

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