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by tbanarchy

"Do you want to watch somebody die?"

So asked this guy who was looked like Al Pacino in Scarface one night while I was walking home from the bar. I thought the guy was crazy, but, out of curiosity, I agreed to go with him.

I followed him to my next door neighbor's house.

My neighbor was this hermit-type named Randall. I rarely saw him. We never so much had said hello to each other. He never seemed to have visitors. So why this guy was going here was beyond me.

"Why are we going in here?" I asked the guy as we walked in.

He didn't say anything. Inside the house were this group of people wearing these strange looking robes with the hoods pulled over their heads so you couldn't see their faces. They glanced at us.

Then he walked into the room.

It was Randall only it didn't look like Randall. He had on a different robe than the others. One side of his face was painted white & one side was painted black like Frank Gorshin in Star Trek.

The others in robes dropped to their knees & began to chant.

Then Randall raised his hands and they quieted down. "Good bleeding, my brothers!" he said to them. "Good bleeding!" they all said in unison, including the weird guy who brought me here.

I knew right then this wasn't no church choir meeting.

This apparently was a cult & Randall was apparently their leader. "Tonight we will sacrifice one of these conformists!" He raised his fist. "Death to the conformists!" "Death!" they shouted.

Two other hooded men brought in a drugged young woman.

They laid her on top of this altar in the middle of the room. Randall stood over her & raised his hands. The others began chanting again, including the guy who brought me here.

Randall reached into his robe & pulled out a dagger.

I knew what was about to happen. I tried to stop it but the guy who brought me here pulled out a gun & shoved it in my side. "Relax," he said. I was forced to stand there & watch what happened.

Randall raised the dagger & stabbed the helpless woman.

I watched in horror as he killed her. The others kept chanting as the guy with the gun in my side laughed. I couldn't take it anymore. I swung around & grabbed his gun. I aimed it at him.

He laughed at me like he didn't think I would shoot him.

I shot at him twice. He fell backwards & knocked over one of the lit candles in the room, catching the curtains on fire. Everyone, including Randall, turned & gazed at the flames.

Everyone started running around as the flames increased.

Everyone, that is, except Randall who stood & glared at me. I aimed the gun at him & squeezed the trigger but it didn't fire. So I charged at him. He raised the dagger he'd used to kill the girl.

With flames all around us, we fought.

He tried to stab me with the dagger but I grabbed his arm. During our struggle, I managed to swing his arm & stab him in the chest with his own dagger. He backed away & glared down at his wound.

He glared back at me with the dagger sticking out of him.

He looked like he wanted to fight me some more but the flames increased & I decided it was time to get the hell out of Dodge, especially when I heard the cops pull up outside. So I ran past him.

I ran to the back of the house & jumped out the backdoor.

I ran back to my house hoping like hell the cops wouldn't catch me. They didn't. I hid out in my house with all the lights turned out while all hell was breaking loose outside. I fell asleep.

I found out later on the news who the young woman was.

Her name, according to the news, was Cathy. Her parents had reported her missing a few weeks before. I was sorry I couldn't save her & I couldn't stop Randall from "sacrificing" her. The bastard!

I ended up leaving my house after that night at Randall's.

Randall's body was never found so that meant he was still out there. And I didn't want him or his "cult" doing to me what they did to that girl. So I packed up and moved as far away as I could.

I will tell you THIS much about that horrific night . . .

I will NEVER forget the night I witnessed a human sacrifice until the day I die!

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