The Joker (& Rambo!) vs. John Wick
The Joker (& Rambo!) vs. John Wick net stories

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by tbanarchy So the movie Joker was released and has been breaking box office records left and right.

The Joker (& Rambo!) vs. John Wick

by tbanarchy

So the movie Joker was released and has been breaking box office records left and right.

The movie, of course, purports to tell the "origins" of Batman supervillain the Joker.

Sometime weirdo actor Joaquin Phoenix has drawn widespread acclaim for his portrayal of the title character.

Regardless, the-who else!-PCers and the "wokesters" on-where else!-Twitter and in the media have lost their ever-lovin' "woke" minds over THIS film.

Why? Well, even BEFORE the film's release, the "wokesters" have accused the film of being strictly for so-called "incels" and/or of "encouraging" mass shooters and blah blah blah blah blah blah.

In other words, their usual "woke" bullshit.

The "controversy" over the film reached the point where some movie theaters around the country beefed up police presence citing the psycho who shot up a movie theater where the Batman flick The Dark Knight Rises was playing years ago.

Some theaters-and, no, I'm NOT making this up!-even BANNED the wearing of masks and/or costumes (as if THAT would have stopped a potential mass shooter!).

Before Joker, it was the movie Rambo: Last Blood that drew the "woke" ire of the PCers and got their PC panties in a bunch by claiming it was somehow a film made for "fans" of Trump.

Apparently the PCers and/or the "wokesters" got butthurt over the "portrayal" of Mexican drug cartels engaging in human trafficking.

Even Rambo author/creator David Morrell claimed to "hate" the movie and even tweeted a link to this "woke" article calling the film a "MAGA fantasy" and also slammed its "excessive" violence.

Which I found to be rather odd considering how in his book First Blood the character Rambo is more or less this murderous psycho who kills MANY people, including a bunch of COPS.

I mean, this would be kind of like if director Martin Scorsese publicly criticizing the amount of "violence" in a "gangster" flick. (You know, since Martin Scorsese directs mostly violent gangster flicks himself.)

The thing that gets to me about the "controversy" over these two films is how these very same "critics" DIDN'T go after the last John Wick film that was released a few months ago.

Instead, these SAME "critics" praised the film in spite of the fact that the character John Wick-played by, of course, Keanu Reeves-spends MUCH of his time in these JW films shooting AND killing people, including WOMEN.

I, of course, made the SAME point in a previous post about the "controversy" over films like Shaft and the Death Wish reboot. (You can, of course, look it up and read it if you haven't done so already.)

I mean, John Wick arguably shoots AND kills as many people-perhaps even MORE-in his films as Rambo does in ANY of his flicks (except maybe the first one).

I don't know how many people Joker kills in his movie since I haven't seen it yet. In fact, I-like MANY of the "critics" of these films-haven't seen ANY of these flicks. Well, not the new ones anyway.

I'll just wait and watch these movies FOR FREE on TV since I wish to give Hollywood a.k.a. Hollywoke as LITTLE of my money as I possibly can (as, apparently, a lot of OTHER people!).

Going back to all the insipid "controversy" over Joker (& Rambo!), this reminds me of a similar "controversy" over a book that was published back in the 90s-the LAST time when PC BS reared its ugly head!-titled American Psycho written by author Bret Easton Ellis.

The book is about a serial killer named Patrick Bateman and is told from the point of view of Patrick. And, even though he kills men in the book, the PCers of the day-including, of course, the "feminists"-focused on the "waman" he killed.

For instance, noted "feminist" Gloria Steinem said in a TV interview during that time how when-and not IF-women are killed in the same manner as described in the book that she hoped Bret Easton Ellis took "responsibility" for it.

Needless to say, there were NO "waman"-nor any MEN-killed in the same manner as was described in AP. Just like there were NO mass shootings at ANY movie theater during the opening weekend of the Joker movie (as, of course, had been "predicted" by the PCers).

Hell, there were even SOME "wokesters" who said how the Joker should NEVER have been made to begin with. So not only do these damn PCers want to tell others WHAT "art" to see, now they're telling people what "art" to even MAKE.

What do you say about THAT, Batman?

Ironically, Joker director Todd Phillips said in an interview how he had stopped making "comedies" like The Hangover because of "woke culture". But now, thanks to "woke culture", you can't apparently make ANYTHING without them getting butthurt about it!

Well, everything EXCEPT for John Wick flicks, amirite, Keanu?

Anyway, judging from the BIG box office success of the Joker film, it looks like the joke's on THEM.

Oh yeah, BTW, actor Christian Bale not only played Patrick Bateman in the movie version of American Psycho-where NO "waman" were killed after the film's release!-he also played the bad guy in the first Shaft movie starring Samuel L. Jackson.

And, of course, he played Batman/Bruce Wayne in the aforementioned The Dark Night Rises.

"Holy six degrees of Christian Bale, Batman!"

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