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This is my entry in Commaful's Scream horror story contest. Hope you like it!


by tbanarchy

Officer Jay Nash responded to a 911 call while he was working the night shift.

The thing was, the call had come from inside a house that had been abandoned for years.

The house had sat empty ever since a man in town named Mark Johns had shot his wife Sara and daughter Amy and then shot himself in the house.

No one knew what caused Mark to commit such a horrific act, especially since he was a well-respected man in town.

Jay was just a kid when the murders happened, but he remembered what happened and all the turmoil it caused in their normally peaceful town of Lars.

His parents had warned him to stay away from the house, which he did. Now here he was years later as a cop preparing to go inside that very same house.

He stepped inside the house and looked around using his flashlight. As he expected, no one was inside the house.

Figuring it was just kids playing a prank, he was getting ready to leave when all of a sudden he heard footsteps that sounded like they were coming from the basement.

He remembered how Mark Johns had shot his family in the basement before shooting himself in the head.

He turned to face the basement door with his hand on the handle of his gun. Thinking again it was kids, he shouted, "Police!"

Just then, the basement door opened and a blindling white light enveloped Jay for a moment.

When the light dissipated and Jay's eyes could focus, he saw two women standing in the doorway. He immediately recognized the two women standing before him.

It was Sara and Amy Johns.

Jay remembered seeing their pictures in the local paper as a kid, and their faces had always haunted him.

Now here they were staring right at him. But how could that be? He never believed in the paranormal before, but that was the only logical explanation to what was happening now.

"Please . . . help . . . us . . ." Sara Johns said to Jay in a ghostly voice.

"Please!" said Amy in the same type of voice.

Jay could only stand there gawking at them, his mouth agape.

Suddenly Jay heard two gunshots behind them, and their bodies disappeared.

Then another figure stood in the doorway, and Jay quickly recognized him too.

It was Mark Johns.

When Jay saw he was holding a gun, he drew his gun and aimed it at him.

"Drop the gun!" he ordered Mark.

When Mark didn't do as he said, Jay repeated, "Drop your gun! I'm not going to ask again!"

Instead, Mark raised his gun and aimed it at Jay. Jay fired at Mark. Nothing.

Suddenly Mark screamed and fired at him. That's when Jay turned and ran out of the house.

Jay sped off. And he never told anyone what he saw that night in the house.

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