The Good, The Bad & The Ugly About Friendship
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly About Friendship friendship stories

tbanarchyI am a snarky published writer.
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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly About Friendship

by tbanarchy

Friends can indeed help you in ways others can't.

Just ask Fez from That 70s Show! (BTW, I myself DON'T like to "bathe" with MY friends, and, if you've ever seen them, you'd understand WHY! No offense, guys!)

Friends will accept you no matter what.

Regardless of how effed up you are . . . unless, of course, if you're a convicted ax murderer. THEN there might be an issue (unless, of course, if they're a convicted ax murderer themselves!)!

And then there's the ever-popular "friends with benefits"!

BTW, I myself have never experienced this since, like "bathing" with them, I do NOT wish to bump uglies with ANY of my friends! Again, if you saw them you'd know WHY! (Again, no offense, guys!)

There is also a "downside" to having friends.

Like, for instance, how annoying they can sometimes be when they ask you to "help" them move and all those annoying little pranks they tend to play on you. (But then you put up with it anyway!)

Then there are "toxic" friends who aren't really friends.

Heaven knows I've certainly had more than MY share of these so-called "friends" who, unlike REAL friends, go out of their way to make your life shittier than normal instead of better.

Those "friends" you need to get out of your life PRONTO!

Some of the MOST poisonous people you'll ever encounter can come disguised as your BEST friend. When you find out they're NOT, you need to show them to the door & tell them NEVER to come back!

I don't have many friends myself . . . for a reason.

I've been burned one too many times by "toxic" friends. So I'm far more cautious about who I let into my life and who I actually call a "friend".

But the friends I do have I treasure.

Even if & WHEN they piss me off sometimes (and vice versa!)!

So to the friends I have I say thanks for being a friend!

And to those who've merely pretended to be my "friend" and who tried to make my life WORSE, well, you know WHAT you can kiss, DON'T you?

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