STOP . . . MAKING . . . THREATS!!!! (Or How So-Called "Social" Media Has Made Us Dumber AND Meaner)
STOP . . . MAKING . . . THREATS!!!! (Or How So-Called "Social" Media Has Made Us Dumber AND Meaner) political stories

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STOP . . . MAKING . . . THREATS!!!! (Or How So-Called "Social" Media Has Made Us Dumber AND Meaner)

by tbanarchy

So-called social media sites like Facebook & Twitter were started so people online could, well, socialize with each other.

Instead, so-called "social" media has devolved into a cesspool of death/rape threats, vicious name-calling & self-righteous demagoguery.

People say heinous shit to each other online they would NEVER say to people in real life (mainly because they would either get beaten up or even arrested!).

I myself have been told to "kill myself", been called a NAZI and have even had "legal" action threatened against me (though so far I've been spared the rape threats).

Even some in the "professional" media have engaged in THIS behavior online (like, for instance, Keith Olbermann who's got into Twitter "feuds" with CHILDREN).

One thing I've noticed is how people harp about the "violence" on one side while they ignore the "violence" on the other side because it is THEIR side whatever that "side" might be.

Facebook & Twitter won't hardly do anything about it even though it "violates" their OWN stated rules & regulations, though they WILL sometimes act if the person is a "celebrity".

Some, of course, have blamed THIS guy for the problem, though this has been going on LONG before he came into the picture (and, no, I'm NOT a "supporter" of THIS guy, just so you know).

But now I feel the problem has reached critical mass since the "violence" perpetrated online has been spilling over into the streets, which has ended in mindless brutality & even DEATH.

So what's the "solution" to this problem? Honestly, I don't know. And I feel any "solutions" I could offer would just fall on deaf ears anyway since TOO many people get off on doing this shit.

I myself am NOT totally "innocent" as I've gotten into some pretty heated exchanges online, especially with those who tell me to "kill myself" and/or call me a NAZI.

Of course, I'm NOT saying the Internet should be one giant "safe space" nor am I saying Congress should BAN certain "speech" online since that would be a CLEAR violation of the First Amendment.

Maybe-just maybe!-we should ALL just log off until we can learn to be fucking HUMAN again or at least learn how to act HUMAN again, you know what I mean?

Until then, I feel the "violence"-both online & off-will keep getting WORSE like in the late-60s when the "peaceful" protesters/activists kept getting more & more violent.

And we all know how THAT turned out, DON'T we?

BTW, for those who throw the term NAZI around willy-nilly, I suggest you look up ALL the crimes against humanity the Nazis committed during their reign of terror.

Just a suggestion.

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