Some Sh!t To Be "Offended" By!
Some Sh!t To Be "Offended" By! controversy stories

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Be "offended"! Be VERY "offended"!

Some Sh!t To Be "Offended" By!

by tbanarchy

So we hear constantly from the media and others about what and/or who we should be "offended" by.

Like at the time of this writing we're being told-depending on which side of the political spectrum they're on-to be "offended" by Roseanne's "apes" tweet & Samantha Bee's "c**t" remark.

I mean, Sally "The Flying Nun" Field DEFENDED the use of the word "c**t" on-where else!-Twitter after the Samantha Bee debacle.

And, just think, I used to fap to that woman! (Was THAT too "offensive" for ya!)

But as for how I personally feel about the Roseanne/Sam Bee "controversies" I say . . .

Seriously, am I the ONLY one getting sick & tired of being told WHAT and/or WHO to be "offended" by?

Speaking for myself, I'm perfectly capable of deciding FOR MYSELF what and/or who to find "offensive".

But, since there are obviously some-or many!-who live in a constant state of perpetual "outrage", I thought I'd GIVE these people some shit to be "outraged" about.


How about naked pictures of Whoopi Goldberg?

Or, so I won't be accused of being "sexist", how about naked pics of Ron Howard's brother Clint Howard?

Or what about a sex tape of Rush Limbaugh getting it on with Michael Moore?

Personally, I don't feel there's a bed in the world that can hold THAT action!

Are you "offended" yet?

Well, how about a TV show starring Roseanne & Samantha Bee called-wait for it!-The C Word?

It would be like The L Word but, except lesbians, it would feature . . . well, YOU know!

So are you "offended" NOW?

If none of THAT "offended" you, then take a gander at THIS dude's man boobs!

Bet you're "offended" NOW, ain't ya!

I can say there's been ONE good thing that's come out of the whole Roseanne/Sam Bee apes/c**ts debacle . . .

That everyone has FINALLY stopped talking about that damn Stormy Daniels FUCKING Donald Trump!

Now THAT'S what I call offensive!

But one thing I myself have truly been "offended" by is how the SAME media who talks about Stormy Daniels being a "victim" because she had an "affair" with Trump . . .

. . . hardly said a thing about Stormy's fellow porn star Cytherea being GANG-RAPED in her own home while her family were being held at GUNPOINT.

Now THAT is the type of shit I personally find OFFENSIVE!

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