Some Sexy Thanksgiving Pics & Gifs
Some Sexy Thanksgiving Pics & Gifs humor stories

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Once again, do NOT read this piece if you are an easily "offended" person! You've been warned!

Some Sexy Thanksgiving Pics & Gifs

by tbanarchy

OK, before I begin, a warning: Do NOT read any further if you are an easily "offended" person.

Seriously, people, I can't stress this enough: STOP READING IF YOU'RE EASILY "OFFENDED" BY SH!T!

Now, for those who AREN'T easily "offended" by sh!t, by all means, ENJOY!

Carmen Electra KNOWS how to wish someone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's Rachael Ray, uh-hum, basting her turkey!

"Wanna lick the bowl, sweetie?"

"Hello Pilgrim!" indeed!

Now, so I won't be accused of being a total pig (or is it turkey?), here's one for the ladies! (You're welcome!)

Now that's what I call a STUFFED turkey!

Anyway, for the followers I have left, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Now, for those who DIDN'T heed my warning & got "offended" anyway . . .

I warned your "sensitive" ass, didn't I? DIDN'T I?! Just saying!

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