Some Politically Incorrect Country Tunes (From The 2000s)
Some Politically Incorrect Country Tunes (From The 2000s) controversy stories

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There again, if you're an easily "offended" person . . . well, YOU know the drill by now, don't you?

Some Politically Incorrect Country Tunes (From The 2000s)

by tbanarchy

Back in the 80s, country singer Hank Williams Jr. had a big hit with his song "If The South Woulda Won"" where in the chorus he thunders "If the South woulda won we'da had it made!"

As a teen when this song came out I remember thinking Hank DOES know what he's implying with THIS song, right? (Hint: They passed a constitutional amendment to END it.) Of course, back then there was no Internet and/or social media. (Otherwise known as the Dark Ages!)

Nevertheless, I don't remember there being a huge "controversy" about the song when it was released. Like I said, it was a big hit for Hank as it reached the top 10 on the country chart.

The song was played all the time on radio and I even remember Hank singing the song on TV on the now-defunct Nashville Network. Again, all with little to no controversy.

Williams was even "hired" by the NFL to do the theme song to Monday Night Football in spite of this song which was removed after he compared then-president Obama to Hitler. (His theme song has since been brought back.)

Of course, the NFL did also "hire" controversial right-wing radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh as a "commentator"-until, of course, HE was fired-so there you go!

It probably goes without saying this song would have gotten a MUCH different "reaction" had it been released today. As a matter of fact, I don't think it would have even been released in THIS ultra-PC day & age. (I'll, of course, let YOU decide if you feel that's a "good" thing or not!)

I was thinking about some other country tunes that were released not even that long ago that-like the HWJ tune-would have likely garnered more "controversy"-especially from the PCers on sites like Twitter-had they been released now.

For instance, songs like the following:

BOOBS by The Bellamy Brothers

This song, released just a year or so before the current PC craziness, would no doubt be accused of "sexism" by the PCers for the lyric "Tell your boobs to stop staring at my eyes!"

The Brothers would also likely be accused by said PCers of "cultural appropriation" because there's a little rap included in the song that uses "the b word" (and, no, I don't mean "barstool"!).

GIRLS LIE TOO by Terri Clark

This song, even though it was released in 2004 by a FEMALE country singer, would no doubt get denounced by the PCers in this age of #MeToo and #BelieveWomen and/or #BelieveAllWomen even though that's NOT what this song is about.

Not only that, but the video for this song shows a guy parading around as Johnny Deep in his movie Pirates Of The Carribean hitting on a fawning woman. (And, if you DON'T know what Johnny Depp has been accused of in recent years, Google it.)

STILL A GUY by Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley has garnered some "controversy" in recent years with his duet with rapper LL Cool J titled "Accidental Racist". But, before that song was released, Brad came out with this song about being a, well, guy.

And with lyrics like "With all of these men lining up to get neutered/It's hip now to be feminized!" the PCers would doubtless accuse Brad of being "sexist", promoting "toxic masculinity" AND of being "transphobic" (even though, like the TC song, that's NOT what the song is about).


The late Merle Haggard has garnered "controversy" throughout his long musical career with songs like "Fightin' Side Of Me", his "pro-flag" anthem "Me & Crippled Soldiers" & even his signature tune "Okie From Muskogee".

But I think this song, released back in 2006, would probably be his MOST "controversial" if released today because the PCers would undoubtedly liken some of the things Merle says in his song to some of the things THIS guy says. (Just saying!)

Speaking of Merle Haggard, in his interview in the May 2001 issue of Hustler magazine he stated how (my paraphrasing) all the rough edges of life are slowly being whittled away in favor of sameness. ("I hate sameness!" he bellowed in the interview.)

I think that's even MORE true today with the actions of the PCers and how it seems like EVERYONE from the media to so-called Corporate America routinely line up to kiss their politically correct asses.

Which is why I think most everything in this country SUCKS nowadays. Or at least that's one of the MAIN reasons why most everything today-you guessed it!-SUCKS.

Again, just saying!

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