Some Of The Guitars I've Owned
Some Of The Guitars I've Owned instrument stories

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by tbanarchy I've posted before how I'm a guitar player and have played for years.

Some Of The Guitars I've Owned

by tbanarchy

I've posted before how I'm a guitar player and have played for years.

Here is a list of the guitars I've owned throughout the years (some of which I still own).

The very first guitar I owned was this electric guitar my parents got for me for Christmas when I was in sixth grade they ordered from Sears & Roebuck that looked like a Gibson Les Paul.

My guitar teacher-who was an elderly man named Charles-told me I should get an acoustic guitar since that would be easier to learn on.

So my father got me a Fender acoustic guitar he bought from a pawn shop.

A couple of years later I got a Gibson Maurader electric guitar as another Christmas present along with a small Peavey amplifier.

I traded that Gibson in for a rather fancy Japanese electric guitar called the Aria Pro II Knight Warrior.

Then I got the much-coveted Fender Stratocaster which is the same type of guitar that Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton and a whole slew of other rock guitarists have played over the years.

Next I got another Gibson electric guitar called the Gibson Challenger. That was the last guitar I ever got (and that was when I was in high school).

I also got a Peavey Stereo Chorus 400 amplifier which was considered one of the best amps on the market when I got it; again, when I was in high school (and which I still own, BTW).

I was sorry to see that Gibson declared bankruptcy back in 2018. I guess people don't have the patience to learn how to play guitar anymore-it took me a couple of years to get any good at it-since we live in an age of instant gratification.

Plus there don't seem to be any new guitarists to "inspire" people to play the guitar like there was when I was younger (such as Yngwie Malmsteen).

I'm also sorry to say I myself haven't touched in a guitar in a while, though I would like to pick it up again and maybe get even MORE guitars and amps in the future (when I can afford to get more equipment since gee-tars ain't cheap!).

One of the coolest commercials I saw on TV featured the late legendary guitarist Les Paul-whom the Gibson guitar is named after-playing guitar with this younger guy who's playing a-that's right!-Gibson Les Paul.

The younger guy looks at Les and, after saying how "good" he is at the guitar, asks him for his name. Les smiles and says, "It's on your guitar."

R.I.P., Les!

And Jimi and Eric and Yngwie-though both Eric and Yngwie (pronounced "ing-vay") are STILL around-and all the other guitarists who've "inspired" me throughout the years!

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