Some Of My Favorite "Future" Movies & Shows
Some Of My Favorite "Future" Movies & Shows  cinema stories

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Future THIS!

Some Of My Favorite "Future" Movies & Shows

by tbanarchy

Back To The Future

One of my favorite movies of all-time starring Michael J. Fox & Christopher Lloyd. The "moral" to THIS flick is should you ever go back in time try to keep your hot mom OUT of your pants!

Split Second

This is a 1992 flick set in 2008 London. This film stars one of my favorite actors Rutger Hauer. An added bonus of this flick is that Kim Cattrall (of Sex & The City fame) shows her boobies (AGAIN!).

Demolition Man

Released in 1993 & set in the year 2032, this is a "futuristic" action film starring Sylvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock & Wesley Snipes. It's kind of cheesy, I admit, but the action sequences are pretty kick-ass! (Sly & Snipes would "reunite" in The Expendables 3, BTW.)


This is a "dystopian" action flick (but then, aren't they ALL "dystopian"?) based on the comic book Judge Dredd. (This film is NOt to be confused with Sylvester Stallone's own Judge Dredd film that came out some years earlier.)

The Road Warrior

This film stars Mel Gibson and came out years BEFORE he became known as a batshit crazy anti-Semite. This film is arguably the best of the Mad Max movies (and DOESN'T have all that PC BS of the LAST Mad Max film).

The 8th Day

This is an "adult" sci-fi "future" flick that came out (pardon the pun!) in 2009 & was released (again, pardon the pun!) by Adam & Eve & stars Kayden Kross, Kylie Ireland & the late Amber Rayne. If you take out all the sexy parts, this is still a pretty decent sci-fi flick. (It would at least be "good" enough for the Syfy channel!)

The episode of Futurama where Fry becomes his OWN grandpa!

This is the classic episode of the show by that Simpsons guy where dimwitted Fry, after inadvertantly offing the guy who was originally his grandpa after he & the others travel back to Roswell, in turn becomes . . . well, YOU know!

The Christmas episode of The Simpsons set in the future.

In this episode, grown-up Lisa "logs" into the Internet via her brain to snoop on her daughter and, when she does a Google search, says how, though Google has "enslaved" half the world, it's still a "damn fine search engine". Ironically, this is becoming truer & truer every day!

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