Some Non-PC Sh!t About Cops, "Woke" Coffee & The Twitter Mob (Again!)
Some Non-PC Sh!t About Cops, "Woke" Coffee & The Twitter Mob (Again!) boot stories

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And this is yet ANOTHER why I think Twitter should be shut the f**k down!

Some Non-PC Sh!t About Cops, "Woke" Coffee & The Twitter Mob (Again!)

by tbanarchy

I was off Twitter for a couple of days to participate in that #SocialMediaStrike no one seemed to give a damn about.

So I logged onto Twitter and saw that the hashtag #DumpStarbucks was trending.

Naturally, I thought what DID Starbucks do now to "trigger" the Twitter "woke" mob. (Since, you know, it doesn't take MUCH to "trigger" these pricks, uh, I mean people!).

And then, upon further investigation, I see that it's the OTHER side who were tweeting this because Starbucks kicked out some cops.

Apparently some "woke" customers felt "unsafe" with the cops around even though EVERYTHING seems to make these "wokesters" feel "unsafe".

Safe Spaces, anyone?

So Starbucks apparently wanted to get back in the good graces of the Twitter "woke" mob again so they booted the cops.

All of which got me to thinking:

Wouldn't it be funny if these SAME cops showed up to the Starbucks they were booted out of to "defend" not only the SB but the SAME "woke" customers who felt "unsafe" around them if and when someone tried to stick up the place?

Just saying, Starbucks!

You know, one would think Starbucks would know by now that it gets into trouble when they try to appease the Twitter "woke" mob (who DON'T buy their overpriced coffee to begin with!).

Does anyone remember that #RaceTogether "woke" lunacy Starbucks pulled a few years ago?

Which, of course, could explain why not only are their sales reportedly down but their shares as well (just like what happens to every OTHER business that tries to appease said Twitter "woke" mob).

The "woke" CEO of Starbucks came out and insisted how SB's sales are down because people are more "healthy".

Yeah, THAT'S the reason!

I'm not a coffee drinker myself so I have never been to a Starbucks.

And, if and when I do decide to become a coffee drinker, I will NOT be giving any of MY non-"woke" business to Starsucks!

Instead, I'll be marching MY non-"woke" ass across the street to the local Dunkin' Donuts whose own CEO made it a point to come out and assure everyone how, unlike Starsucks, DD is NOT "political"!

Which, BTW, if Starbucks JUST SOLD EFFING COFFEE and dropped ALL the phony-ass "woke" PC BS, then maybe-just maybe!-they wouldn't keep getting into shit.

So, in other words, Starbucks, how about you JUST SELL YOUR FUCKING COFFEE AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

Just a suggestion, Starfucks!

Oh, one of the proud members of the Twitter "woke" mob, while criticizing #DumpStarbucks (unless, of course, HIS side is doing the "dumping"!), brought up the song "Fuck The Police" by rap group N.W.A.

To which I kindly responded didn't the guy who WROTE "Fuck The Police"-rapper Ice Cube (who once rapped about killing Jews, BTW)-end up doing a movie-or two!-where he PLAYED a cop?

And, for those who "defend" Starbucks for kicking out those cops, then I say DON'T call 911 the next time someone breaks into your house.

Problem solved!

And, BTW, I've had my OWN "issues" with the cops over the years, so I'm definitely not what you'd call a 100% diehard "defender" of the police for anyone who wishes to accuse me of being otherwise.

But I'm most definitely going to call 911 if someone is trying to break into my house trying to rob and/or kill my ass!

Just saying!

Man, I think I would've been better off if I stayed OFF of batshit crazy Twatter for a couple MORE days! (Not that it, of course, would've made ANY difference!)

Nice "woke" site you got there, Jack Dorsey!


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