Some "Naughty" X-Mas Pics & Gifs
Some "Naughty" X-Mas Pics & Gifs christmas stories

tbanarchy Sometimes serious, mostly snarky author.
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You know THIS one was coming, DIDN'T you?

Some "Naughty" X-Mas Pics & Gifs

by tbanarchy

Twas the night before Christmas & all through the house . . . The whole family was stoned & so was the mouse!

Zombie Santa

Cops: Santa Edition

Santa Showing Where He Keeps His Chestnuts!

Santa Gimp Is COMING To Town!

I Got Your "Ho, Ho, Ho" Right Here!

Is THAT a candy cane in your, uh, pocket or are you just happy to see me?

So THAT'S how Rudolph gets his nose to glow like that! Who knew!

Hey, Santa can be on the naughty list too!

Santa DON'T need no stinkin' Krampus to "punish" the naughty!

Oh, Mrs. Claus, you naughty Vixen, you! (Vixen, get it?)

Will Farrell who?

Uh, Santa, you DO know that's NOT a tree, right?

Yeah, I think I'll let you come up with your OWN meme for THIS one, OK, boys & girls? OK!

Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus . . . and he's a registered sex offender after he was arrested for molesting all those elves!

Hey, little girl, I hear you've been VERY naughty!

And I think THIS one says it all!

And here's She-Hulk dressed up as a sexy Santa! (You're welcome!)

And here's Jenny McCarthy sitting on Santa's lap!

You know Jenny has been on Santa's naughty list a time or two for telling all those parents to NOT vaccinate their kids!

And DON'T forget to keep the Saturn in Saturnalia, you heathens!

And have a Happy New Beer!

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