Some MORE Sexy X-Mas Gifs & Pics!
Some MORE Sexy X-Mas Gifs & Pics! sexy stories

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"Ho, ho, ho!" indeed!

Some MORE Sexy X-Mas Gifs & Pics!

by tbanarchy

I've already posted a similar piece before, but, what the hell, it's X-Mas (or XXX-Mas?)!

That's ONE way to "unwrap" a gift!

I've been extra naughty this year, Santa!

Boy, Mrs. Claus is looking extra "chesty" this year!

Wanna come in for some MILF, uh, I mean milk & cookies?

That's another way to "unwrap" a gift!

Santa, is that a candy cane in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

I'll give you three guesses where you can stick you candy cane!

That's yet ANOTHER way to "unwrap" a gift!

Looks like that teddy bear has been EXTRA good this year!

Let me guess, you DIDN'T look at the tree first, did you, pervs!

Well, that's ONE way to sing Jingle Balls, uh, I mean Bells!

Santa Claus is COMING to town!

And, once again, just so I won't be accused of being a "sexist pig" here, check out the Jingle Balls on THIS Santa!

Merry X-Mas, ladies!

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