Some "Lost" Things
Some "Lost" Things lose stories
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tbanarchyI am a snarky published writer.
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Some "Lost" Things

by tbanarchy

The TV show "Lost".

"Lost" was an appropriate title for THIS show since that's how I felt every single time I tried to watch the damn thing!

"Losing" my marbles.

Truth is, I "lost" my marbles a LONG time ago, so I believe I'll just move on, OK? OK!

"Losing" my religion.

"Losing My Religion" was a popular song in the 90s by "indie" rock band R.E.M. I just thought I'd throw that in there!

"Losing" my lunch.

I remember eating some bad Burger King once and I started blowing chunks of my Quarter Pounder (with cheese!) everywhere. And then there was that questionable meat loaf I ate one time. (Yum!)

"Losing" your sh!t.

What say YOU about "losing" your sh!t, Willy Wonka?

And, the one you've been waiting for, "losing" my virginity!

I "lost" my virginity when I was 17 and I haven't been able to find it since! (Cue monkey from that "Pirates" movie!)

Oh yeah, speaking of "losing" something . . .

Think of the time YOU just "lost" reading my lame-ass post! (Insert movie villain laughter here!)

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