Some "Culture" Things (& Some Things About "Cultural Appropriation")
Some "Culture" Things (& Some Things About "Cultural Appropriation") controversy stories

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Some "Culture" Things (& Some Things About "Cultural Appropriation")

by tbanarchy

Culture Club

Culture Club is the popular 80s band fronted by, of course, crossdressing frontman (no pun intended!) Boy George. CC wouldn't be as big of a deal today as it was back during the Reagan 80s.

Culture Warrior by Bill O'Reilly

This is one of the books written by Bill "Mr. Falafel" O'Reilly who was fired from Fox (Non) News because of his, shall we say, love of falafels he tried to, uh-hum, share with a female coworker.

Katy Perry's "Cultural Appropriation"

Singer Katy Perry "apologized" for her "cultural appropriation" during a taped interview on YouTube-while sitting Indian-style!-for, among other things, eating watermelon in a music video (?).

Steve Martin's "Cultural Appropriation"?

So, along with Katy, shouldn't comedian/actor Steve Martin "apologize" for HIS "cultural appropriation" for playing the banjo (since, you know, the banjo is an African instrument)? Just saying!

And speaking of "cultural appropriation" . . .

The UN is currently deciding whether or not to "ban" so-called "cultural appropriation". So you'd better enjoy those burritos & headdresses while you STILL can! (Sorry sex slaves & refugees!)

One more thing about "cultural appropriation" . . .

The Huffington Post once put out a piece saying how white people SHOULDN'T do yoga even though HuffPo was founded by a WHITE woman-namely Arianna Huffington-who "proudly" does YOGA! Whoopsie!

But what about American "culture"?

Right-wing talk show host Michael Savage once noted on his old show on MSNBC (MSNBC!) how American "culture" consisted of, as he put it, cheeseburgers & porn. I do love me some cheeseburger porn!

"Do you want fries with that?"

And, just so you know, French Fries are NOT actually French in nature but "originated" in Belgium. Now THAT'S some tasty "cultural appropriation"! (I wonder does McDonald's know about this?)

And now a few words about Cashew Chicken . . .

Cashew Chicken was "invented" by Chinese immigrant David Leong in the 60s while living in Springfield, Missouri. (Does THIS mean only Chinese people living in Springfield can eat Cashew Chicken?)

And, the most "controversial" of all, dreadlocks . . .

Some accounts claim dreadlocks "originated" in India with the dreadlocked deity Shiva & his followers while others cite Egypt as their place of origin while still others cite Greece. Who knows?

And then there was Pon!

No, NOT Pong, Pon, the Indoneshian sex festival held SEVEN times a year where participants travel to a "sacred" island to have sex with someone OTHER than their spouse for "good luck". Lucky!

And a few thoughts about that Pepsi commercial . . .

The PCers, of course, got "upset" over that Pepsi commercial because . . . that Jenner gal tried to "end" racism by giving a fake cop a Pepsi? Or maybe it was "cultural appropriation"? Or . . .

And a thing or two about my "culture" . . .

I'm a white guy from the South (yee-haw!) so please feel free to "appropriate" MY, uh-hum, culture if you like. So, yes, that means you have MY permission to bang your hot cousin! YEE-HAW!

My final thoughts on so-called "cultural appropriation".

A female-owned burrito stand was "forced" to close down by irate PCers in Portland because of . . . well, you know! And yet Taco Bell, Chipotle & 7-11 are STILL in business. Go figure!

An update: Since this piece was written, a girl in Utah was attacked on-where else!-Twitter for wearing a Chinese dress to her prom because Twitterers accused her of-that's right!-cultural appropriation.

However, Amazon sells dozens of CHINESE DRESSES, including the SAME one that girl from Utah took shit for wearing.

And yet Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has yet to be accused of PROFITING from so-called cultural appropriation. (Or does HE get a free pass because he shares the same "political" views as the Twitterers who attacked that Utah girl?)

Oh, BTW, the Twitterer who spearheaded said attack on said Utah girl, a one Jeremy Lam, wears a baseball cap in his Twitter profile pic while he's been known to tweet THE N WORD. Now THAT'S what I call cultural appropriation!

Oh yeah, just so you know, toilet paper was "invented" in China. So does THAT mean I'm committing supposed cultural appropriation every time I go to wipe my ass? Just asking, Twitterers!

Now THAT'S one history lesson you'll NEVER see on Adam Ruins Everything! ("Adam Ruins Shitting"!)

Now I wonder if THESE Japanese girls will EVER get attacked on-where else!-Twitter like that Utah girl for committing so-called cultural appropriation? Somehow I seriously DOUBT it!

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