So Today's "Story Challenge" On Commaful Is . . . Skirt?
So Today's "Story Challenge" On Commaful Is . . . Skirt? skirt stories

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I got your "skirt chaser" right HERE!

So Today's "Story Challenge" On Commaful Is . . . Skirt?

by tbanarchy

So, as some of my faithful readers know, I've been "suggesting" to Commaful how they should jazz up and/or spice up their rather mundane "story challenges" of late.

I mean, I still CAN'T get over that one about cabbage.


So that's why I was a bit surprised when I saw that the new "story challenge" was . . . skirt.

Yep, skirt! To which I say:

OH BOY!!!!

Now, of course, some-or a lot-might get "offended" at me saying that, accusing yours truly of being-you guessed it!-SEXIST. Again, to which I say:

I very much enjoy looking at hot chicks wearing short skirts! And, as I've posted before, I make NO "apologies" for saying so!

The SAME way I don't expect women to "apologize" for, uh-hum, enjoying looking at some "hunky" guy's ass while he's wearing a pair of tight jeans.

Now, just to be clear here, I'm NOT one of these creepy guys who follow women around wearing skirts with a phone and then post the "upskirt" footage online as some creeps have done.

I may be a pervert but I'm not THAT type of pervert!

Going back to skirts, I think this is one of the reasons why I occasionally, uh-hum, enjoy watching women's tennis!

And let's NOT forget women's beach volleyball!

Or, uh-hum, "competitive" dancing!

I could go on but you get the picture, DON'T you?

And, again, I know there are some-or a lot-who would no doubt take "offense" to my posting how much I, uh-hum, enjoy women wearing skirts. And, again, to which I say:

Seriously, have you not read some of my OTHER posts? I mean, I end a lot of my posts on Commaful with some "chesty" shot of that Elvira, for perv's sake!

But, for those who would no doubt call me a "sexist pig" for posting this piece, here's a shot of that "hunky" Magic Mike fella taking off his shirt.

You're welcome, you "pervy" ladies!

Oh, BTW, I was thinking about how to properly end (pardon the pun!) this piece.

I thought about ending it with yet another "chesty" gif of that Elvira. But, since this IS a piece more about the backend and NOT the front, I decided to post something different.

So here's an "upskirt" shot of actress Mena Suvari-known for her roles in American Beauty and American Horror Show-showing MORE than just her "talent"!

And, there again, for anyone who would call me SEXIST for posting that, here's "hunky" actor Matthew sans skirt!

What do you say to THAT, ladies?

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