So Today's "Story Challenge" On Commaful Is . . . Cabbage?!
So Today's "Story Challenge" On Commaful Is . . . Cabbage?! cabbage stories
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I got your cabbage right HERE!

So Today's "Story Challenge" On Commaful Is . . . Cabbage?!

by tbanarchy

So I've posted a few pieces recently where I "suggested" to Commaful how they ought to jazz up their (almost) daily "story challenges".

And Commaful "responded" by having their "story challenge" be on . . . cabbage.

Fucking cabbage!

WTF can I say about cabbage to make it sound even remotely interesting?

I mean, there were those creepy-ass Cabbage Patch Dolls that people used to beat the hell out of each other for back in the eighties.

Also, if you eat too much cabbage at once it can make you fart.

So NO eating cabbage before doing butt stuff! (Unless, of course, you're into that shit!)

I'm STILL waiting for the "story challenge" to be on the beaver.

Now THERE'S a "story challenge" I can really sink my, er, teeth into!

Going back to cabbage, maybe if there was a gif of Elvira hiding her bodacious ta-tas behind a couple of big-ass cabbages would make it MORE interesting.

You think?

Speaking of Elvira's bodacious ta-tas, here's a gif of the Mistress Of The Dark dressed as a "chesty" Santa.

Now THAT'S what I call being a "ho, ho, ho"!

Hey, that can be a "story challenge" on Commaful: Bodacious Ta-Tas!

You're welcome, Commaful!

Oh, BTW, Bodacious Ta-Tas was the title of a porn flick that, er, came out in the eighties along with the Cabbage Patch Doll.

I mean, you CAN'T whack off to a Cabbage Patch Doll!

Or CAN you?

Now THERE'S a "story challenge" for ya!

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