Sh!t I Don't Regret
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Sh!t I Don't Regret

by tbanarchy

You always hear people talk about shit they regret. Well, here's some shit I don't regret. (And you probably already know where THIS is going, don't you?)

I don't regret NOT getting into that windowless van that time I was walking to school when I was in junior high.

I don't regret NOT going to my prom, especially since it was rumored i was planning on killing about half-a-dozen people at my prom (which I discussed in a previous post should you care to look THAT up).

I don't regret letting that drunk older broad with the HUGE knockers grab me by the no-nos at that convenience store back on Thanksgiving of 1992 (which I also wrote about in a previous piece if you cane to look THAT up!).

I don't regret NOT paying to go see Star Wars: The Last Jedi and especially NOT giving my money to THESE two. (Thanks for effing up SW, you PC you-know whats!)

I don't regret never having seen Game Of Thrones, Mad Men and/or Breaking Bad along with all the other TV shows I've been told to watch.

I don't regret watching pretty much ANYTHING with T & A (and, no, T & A doesn't mean Taters & Aprons!)!

I don't regret looking at those "leaked" nudie pics of actress Jennifer Lawrence (you know, the ones we were told by J-Law was a "sex crime" to look at).

Of course, J-Law showed her nekkid ta-tas in a movie AFTER those nudie pics were "leaked" anyway but I digress (and I, of course, don't regret saying THAT!)!

I don't regret admitting I liked the Star Wars prequels or that Batman vs. Superman was a decent superhero flick or that I thought Justice League was BETTER than Avengers: Age Of Ultron despite what the Comic Book Guy Wannabes say!

I don't regret saying how I think so-called "toxic masculinity" kicks MUCH ass despite what the PCers say (or think)!

I don't regret eating a burrito or a taco every now and again (even though I'm supposed to be committing so-called "cultural appropriation" every time I do so according to my pals the PCers!).

I don't regret saying ANYONE who thinks the A-OK sign is a "white supremacist" symbol is a flaming jackass! (What say YOU, Eddie Murphy?)

I don't regret my, uh-hum, affection for "adult" film stars (Stormy Daniels being a MAJOR exception and not because of you-know-who!).

And, this probably goes WITHOUT saying, but I also DON'T regret pissing off people, especially the PCers. (And please DON'T say, "No shit, Sherlock!")

Oh yeah, I also DON'T regret penning this piece (well, at least 99.9 1/2 % of it!)!

Now whether or not anyone regrets reading this piece, well, that shit is on THEM! #NoEffingRegret

And, above all, I damn sure DON'T regret always posting boobie gifs of Elvira in a number of my posts! (Take THAT, PCers!)

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