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What type of sh!t I consider to be "underground" . . .

I consider things to be "underground"-be it a book or a movie or whatever-when it's "controversial" and/or is not considered "successful" by "mainstream" standards of so-called success.

"Underground" Rock Group: VELVET UNDERGROUND

60s rock band Velvet Underground was fronted by the late Lou Reed & briefly managed by "pop artist" Andy Warhol. The band was noted for their controversial songs such as "Sweet Jane" & "Heroin".

"Underground" Book: STEAL THIS BOOK by Abbie Hoffman

Steal This Book was the most controversial book written by 60s activist the late Abbie Hoffman. In the book, Abbie gives legal-& not-so-legal-advice on how to obtain "free stuff" at the time.

"Underground" Film Director: JOHN WATERS

John Waters is one of the most notorious film directors of all-time with such noted "classics" as Female Trouble & Pink Flamingos. He's also directed "mainstream" fare like Hairspray & Cry-Baby.

"Underground" Cartoonist: R. CRUMB

Robert a.k.a. R. Crumb began his cartoon career in the 60s & is most noted for Fritz the Cat-later made into a movie-& Keep On Truckin'. He was the subject of a 1994 documentary called Crumb.

"Underground" Comedy: KENNY EVERETT

The late Kenny Everett had a popular comedy show on the BBC during the late-70s & early-80s. The BBC reportedly cancelled his show because he wouldn't stop poking fun at the Queen. Whoops!

"Underground" Actress: TRACI LORDS

Traci Lords is without a doubt one of the most controversial "actresses" of all-time having nearly brought down the "adult" film industry in the 80s (for reasons I don't think I can say here!).

"Underground" Movie: DEEP THROAT

Deep Throat is the notorious 70s "adult" film starring the late Linda Lovelace. Although "tame" by today's standards, the film was VERY controversial back in its day & was tried for "obscenity".

"Underground" Legend: FRANK ZAPPA

You can't talk of the "underground" without mentioning the late great Frank Zappa. Zappa fronted 60s band Mothers Of Invention before going solo with controversial songs like "Jewish Princess".

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92DAYSAspiring writer
5 months agoReply
Great , gave me great insight

tbanarchyI am a snarky freelance writer.
5 months agoReply
@bernardtwindwil Thanks. I'll admit some of this stuff was even before my time.

bernardtwindwilGifted WriterGranddad & story teller,
5 months agoReply
Now you are singing my song. These are all some of the dearest memories from my past. Susie Cream Cheese. Great post!!!!