Sexiest Female Celebrities With Hairy Armpits
Sexiest Female Celebrities With Hairy Armpits celebrities stories

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Sexiest Female Celebrities With Hairy Armpits

by tbanarchy

Women with hairy armpits is still relatively "taboo" in this society.

I mean, you'd figure with ALL the political correctness/"feminism" that's going around today it would be MORE of a cause.

I mean, there's #FreeTheNipple but NOT #FreeThePit. (Just saying!)

Anyway, here's a list of female celebrities who have NOT been afraid to flaunt that French look, if you know what I mean!


Madonna created waves when old nudie pics were published in-where else!-Playboy in the 80s that showed she had an apparent aversion to razors, if you know what I mean!

Drew Barrymore

I wonder what E.T. would think about Drew Barrymore's hairy armpits? I bet more than just his finger would light up, if you get my meaning!

Paula Cole

Paula Cole, back in her heyday during the 90s, got as much "attention" for her hairy pits as she did for singing that "I Don't Wanna Wait" song.

Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco may not have been as popular a singer as Paula Cole but her pits are JUST as hairy!

Juliette Lewis

Juliette Lewis is an "eccentric" actress to begin with, so it's not really so surprising that she'd be a member of the "hirsute" club.

Sarah Silverman

To be honest, I'm not sure if that was a "fake" pic of Sarah Silverman since here's the SAME pic that shows Sarah's unshaven pits. Go figure!

Penelope Cruz

This is from a movie Penelope Cruz starred in where she showed off her hairy pits. Don't ask me which one. (In fact, can anyone name ONE movie that stars Penelope Cruz without Googling it?)

Miley Cyrus

Come on, is ANYONE surprised Miley Cyrus would NOT shave her armpits? I mean, come on! This is Miley freakin' Cyrus we're talking about here!

Julia Roberts

The "Pretty Woman" star has sported some pretty unshaven armpits. (See what I did there?)

Kitty Bush

The appropriately-named Kitty Bush is without a doubt one of the most hirsute "adult" film stars of all-time. (Yeah, I know, I "cheapen" things!)

Some men, of course, find women with hairy armpits gross while others find it an immense turn-on.

The late Chris Farley said in his interview in-again, where else!-Playboy how he was a "fan" of women sporting said French look.

So which category do I fall under, you might be wondering at this point?

Go on, take a wild guess!

And, so I won't be accused of being a "sexist" pig here, here's a hairy-pitted pic of "hunky" actor Matthew McConaughey.

You're welcome, ladies!

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