Pics Of Riley Reid . . . In Shorts
Pics Of Riley Reid . . . In Shorts short s stories

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Pics Of Riley Reid . . . In Shorts

by tbanarchy

So, as everyone no doubt knows by now, Commaful recently revamped its posting guidelines.

Among these new "guidelines" is that you can't post ANY "provocative" and/or "suggestive" pics or gifs of people in their underwear.

Which, again, I affectionately refer to as The Tony Rule since I was apparently the only one who was doing THAT on CF.

Again, I don't know who would be "offended" by seeing THAT-though I do definitely have my suspicions!-but, whoever it was, they were the ones who, persuaded the higher-ups at CF to enact this new "guideline".


So, being the "provocateur" that I am, I got to thinking of how I could get around these new "guidelines" without violating them (at least NOT techinically!).

Then it hit me! (I would, of course, post a pic of something getting hit here but you also CAN'T post any pic or gif with "excessive violence" on CF anymore. Sorry!)

The following are some pics of "adult" film star Riley Reid (whom I've, of course, posted about MANY times on CF much to the chagrin of SOME, I'm sure!) in SHORTS!

Enjoy! (Again, I would say "you pervs" but THAT might "offend" or "trigger" someone on here and they would, of course, complain to the higher-ups at CF so there you go!)

Now I admit I had to censor that last pic since Riley was showing her unmentionable.

Oh, the horror!

Now, in all seriousness, if anyone gets "offended" or "triggered" by a woman wearing shorts, which is something women (and men) wear out in public ALL the time, then I suggest you SEEK HELP!

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