NOT THAT INNOCENT (A Short-Short "Romantic" Story)
NOT THAT INNOCENT (A Short-Short "Romantic" Story) romance stories

tbanarchyI am a snarky published writer.
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This is a MUCH shorter version of a romantic story of mine also titled Not That Innocent-and written under my pen name of Angel Ray-that I'm currently trying to have published.

NOT THAT INNOCENT (A Short-Short "Romantic" Story)

by tbanarchy

Website owner Theo needed a new assistant & a girlfriend.

He found both in Kate, a 20-year-old blond & petite farm girl who seemed so shy when he first met her he found it endearing. However, he would see later she wasn't as "innocent" as he thought.

At first, Theo tried not to think of Kate in a romantic way.

Since she was an employee of his, he didn't feel that was appropriate. But, as time progressed, he was finding that harder to do. Then one day they were working late when no one else was around.

And then one thing led to another until it happened.

Kate all of sudden reached over and kissed Theo. Then, after the initial shock of what she had done wore off, they became even more intimate. Kate spent the night at Theo's place afterward.

At first Theo wasn't sure what to make of what happened.

He tried to pass it off as just a casual office fling but, as their affair progressed, he realized he had deeper feelings for Kate. He wondered if she shared the same feelings for him.

So he bit the bullet & poured his heart out to Kate one day.

He was overjoyed when she reciprocated his feelings for her. Theo wasn't sure what the future held for them. But, whatever happened, he knew it would be all right as long as Kate was by his side.

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