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by tbanarchy The Hunt was what looked to be a low-budget horror thriller that was scheduled to be released in late-September.

My Views On The Hunt

by tbanarchy

The Hunt was what looked to be a low-budget horror thriller that was scheduled to be released in late-September.

However, the movie studio just announced that it was pulling the film's release and implied it may be released at a later date.

The Hunt was reportedly pulled over the backlash in the wake of recent mass shootings in El Paso and Ohio.

Plus the fact that it supposedly depicted "liberal" elites hunting down and trying to kill so-called deplorables.

In other words, supporters of THIS guy.

Even Trump-in, of course, his usual Trumpian style!-tweeted his, shall we say, opposition to the film being released.

And his supporters likewise complained about the film on social media sites like Twitter and the more right-wing Gab. And these same supporters are no doubt celebrating the news of the film being pulled from release (at least for now).

Ironically, this reminds me of when the "woke" mob on-where else!-Twitter all got "outraged" over the release of the Death Wish reboot starring Bruce Willis a couple of years ago, calling the film "racist" and accusing it of "glorifying" gun violence and whatnot.

And, of course, they demanded the film be-you guessed it!-BANNED from theaters. In other words, it's the same shit. Different smell!

Frankly, I don't think the movie SHOULD have been pulled from release. In fact, I was even interested in seeing it myself, in part because it starred Emma Roberts (and I've, of course, posted before how much of a fan I am of hers!).

This film also reminds me of movies I've watched & enjoyed over the years with similar plots, i.e. rich people hunting poorer people for sport.

For instance, in 1993, there was the movie Hard Target starring 80s & 90s action star Jean Claude Van Damme who fights against a group of rich "hunters" led by the ruthless Lance Henriksen (who I think plays one of the BEST bad guys in the film!).

In one scene of the film, Lance and his "hunters" gun down an African-American homeless veteran right in the middle of the street. (Couldn't do THAT in a film nowadays without "upsetting" the Twitter "woke" mob!)

Oh yeah, Hard Target also stars the lovely Yancy Butler. (I just thought I'd throw that in there!)

In 1994, the film Surviving The Game came out that starred Rutger Hauer-who recently passed away-and Gary Busey (yes, THAT Gary Busey!) as a group of rich guys who are "hunting" homeless man Ice T in the woods for sport.

Interestingly enough, both Hard Target and Surviving The Game were based on the short story "The Most Dangerous Game" by author Richard Connell and published in 1924. (I wonder if The Hunt was based on that story as well?)

There was also another movie released in 1995-have you noticed a "pattern" here yet?-called The Last Supper that starred, among others, the late Bill Paxton and Cameron Diaz.

The film centered around a group of "liberal" college students who invite those with what they consider extreme right-wing viewpoints and murder them with poisoned wine and afterwards they bury their bodies in their vegetable garden. (Nice!)

The group of right-wingers they invite over for dinner include the usual suspects such as a homophobic pastor, a pro-life activist, an anti-feminist, an anti-environmentalist and-of course!-a neo-Nazi.

As the film progresses, some in the group begin to have some misgivings about what they are doing, especially when they invite over a young girl who was opposed to mandatory sex education whom they end up sparing.

I, of course, won't tell you how the movie ends, but I will say it's not as "biased" or "one-sided" as it no doubt would be if the film came out today (even though this flick DID come out in the PC 90s!).

Going back to The Hunt, I'm not sure what the filmmakers initially intended with this film, whether it was a "satire" as they claimed it was or if they were trying to score "woke" brownie points with the Twitter mob (or both).

Actually, it would seem to me if they REALLY wanted to piss off Trump supporters a.k.a. so-called deplorables they would have depicted said supporters hunting down a "liberal" group rather than the other way around.

In any case, like I said, I don't think this or any other film should be banned and/or "censored" in some way just to appease a small-but ALYWAYS vocal-group of people, be they PCers or Trump supporters or whoever.

What gets to me about this "controversy" is how Trump and his supporters are always accusing their "opponents" of being too "sensitive" about things-hence the oft-used term "snowflake"-but here they are seemingly being JUST as-dare I say it!-"sensitive" over a movie.

I mean, I hope they remember what happend with this film the NEXT time the "woke" mob on Twitter get "outraged" by and are successful in getting a film THEY approve of BANNED from theaters, you know what I mean?

I think the late Roger Ebert said something I feel was VERY poignant in his review of the aforementioned flick The Last Supper (and I feel it's JUST as valid today as it was then, perhaps even MORE so).

Anyway, Roger Ebert called The Last Supper "a brave effort in a timid time, a Swiftian attempt to slap us all in the face and get us to admit that our own freedoms depend precisely on those of our neighbors, our opponents and, yes, our enemies."

Or how about we just do THIS: Instead of trying to get a film banned or "censored" to YOUR liking, you just not pay to go see the film and let others decide FOR THEMSELVES whether or not they want to go see it?

I mean, as far as I'm concerned, if you want to waste, uh, I mean spend your money on a flick like that all-chick reboot of Ghostbusters, then I say have at it!

Though I'd really appreciate it these same people wouldn't call me "sexist" and/or "racist" or whatever if I choose NOT to pay my money to go see said flick, you know what I mean?

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