My Views On "Motivation"
My Views On "Motivation" sexy stories

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I got your "motivation" right HERE!

My Views On "Motivation"

by tbanarchy

Seriously, if you're looking at MY lazy ass for ANY type of "motivation" you are seriously barking up the WRONG tree!

Hell, I probably need someone to "motivate" ME!

Maybe if I had that Stone Cold Steve Austin fella to threaten to beat my ass to get myself "motivated".

I would've picked this guy but he's gone now so, of course, that wouldn't work. Maybe his ghost could "motivate" me?

Or, better yet, have the likes of Jennifer Love Hewitt promise to give me a . . . well, you know! . . . while dressed as a sexy nurse. I know THAT would "motivate" me!

Or maybe have Jennifer Aniston promise to give me a striptease. Again, that would likely get ME "motivated"!

And, if Jennifer Aniston wasn't available, Scarlett Johansson would most definitely do!

Or Natalie Portman!

And, again, just so I won't be accused of being a "sexist pig" here, for the ladies they could have that Magic Mike fella try to "motivate" them. (Happy now?)

Or maybe-just maybe!-Elvira could let me squeeze her, uh, pumpkins to get MY lazy ass "motivated"!

Yeah, I know. PERV!!!!

And, if all else fails, I could just have THIS crazy-ass red-haired chick scream "Patriarchy!" at me over and over.

If THAT don't "motivate" your lazy ass then NOTHING will!

But, seriously, if anybody truly wishes to "motivate" me they can-oh, I don't know-PAY ME. Just a suggestion!

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